Friday, April 23, 2021

Technifex Introduces Water Web to Waterpark Community at WWA Show

New Orleans, LA, USA — A leader in waterpark entertainment technologies, Technifex debuted a unique guest experience for waterpark attractions with its patented Water Web™ technology – a walk-through water maze for daytime play-use, and a mesmerizing water show with projected imagery effects for nighttime-use.

Water Web™ is a unique system that has applications in theme parks, waterparks and other entertainment settings.  At its core, Water Web™ is a grid work of one-meter long rain curtains that can be turned “on” or “off” via computer control.  Water Web™ can be manufactured to almost any size and programmed to change into any water maze configuration, nearly instantly.  Within waterparks, Water Web™ will appeal to guests of all ages.  Children and parents can safely play in the water mazes, with the option to stay dry or get wet. For waterparks looking to extend a guests stay into the evening, Water Web™ offers the opportunity to appeal to an older audience by using it as a backdrop for projected images and controlled lighting effects.  Water Web™ will provide visual energy within a waterpark and keep crowds entertained and staying longer.

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Technifex demonstrated their new product with a fully-functional walk-through display at the World Waterpark Association Show Expo in New Orleans. “This is the first time our patented Water Web™ was displayed at the WWA show.  The product was specifically designed for the waterpark market, so we are very excited to see customer reaction,” comments Monty Lunde, President of Technifex, Inc. Currently, the first installation of Water Web™ can be seen at the Chimelong Theme Park in Guangzhou, China.

In addition, Technifex also Tunnel Vision™ and Slide Lites™ UV LED effects products at the show, designed specifically as a cost-effective upgrade solution for existing waterpark slides.

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