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Thanksgiving-themed Mayflower Swinging Ship Ride Highlights 2014 Additions to Holiday World

[quote]We have a three-year Thanksgiving celebration plan for our park, and this is just the start.” — Holiday World park president Matt Eckert[/quote]

Santa Claus, IN, USA (May 1, 2014) — Holiday World theme park opens for its 68th season this Saturday with the first sailing of the Mayflower swinging ship ride.

“Since 2006, when we expanded Holiday World to include a Thanksgiving-themed section, we’ve received hundreds of suggestions to add a classic swinging ship ride and name it the Mayflower,” says park president Matt Eckert. “

Eckert says the new family ride will carry up to 60 riders at a time, swinging in an arc 54-feet-high over a pool of water.

Additional projects for this season include:

•    Friday Night Fireworks (Friday evenings from June 13 through August 1)
•    Extended Splashin’ Safari hours
•    Mrs. Klaus’ Kitchen makeover, including a new home for Santa Claus
•    Summer Fun Card program, for multi-day summer visits
•    New Wildebeestro restaurant and Safari Outpost shop in Splashin’ Safari

Eckert says the cost of this year’s improvements totaled $8 million. Ticket prices for Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari did not increase from last season.

On May 10, a production crew from Hollywood will spend the day at Holiday World to capture the enhanced theming of the park’s Christmas section for a new holiday special for The Travel Channel.

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