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Thinkwell Group designs Chilean cultural park for China

On April 25, the partnership of Wines of Chile and Lam International announced at the Beijing Media Conference the launching of ”Chile Experience,” an immersive Culture Park that is being developed for China with the purpose of strengthening the friendship between the peoples of Chile and China for years to come by creating a place that would bring together Chilean culture, products and investment opportunities in a way that is fun, experiential, educational and memorable.

“The Chile Experience will bring a taste of Chile to our Chinese friends by not only showcasing Chilean wines, food, and other authentic products from Chile, but it will also feature immersive high-tech attractions that will connect our guests with the culture of Chile,” said Wines of Chile representative Julio Alonso.

Lam Yau Sun of Lam International noted “The Chile Experience truly demonstrates the spirit of One Belt One Road, as she promotes understanding, trade and investments between the peoples of China and Chile through engagements (food, shopping, entertainment, cultural events) that are fun, learning, experiential, and memorable. This is Chile’s home away from home and we hope our project will incentivize more Chinese to visit Chile and vice versa for generations to come.”

To ensure a high-quality immersive experience, Alonso and Lam turned to Thinkwell Group to bring their big idea to life. “We are elated to be a part of this team,” said Kelly Ryner, President of Thinkwell Asia. “The Chilean culture and country has so much to choose from that this is going to be a wonderful place to visit for the whole family.”

The Chilean adventure will capture the vast extremes of the regions of Chile and express them through four themed zones. While each zone is uniquely themed/programmed, includes a wine/dining experience, and contains a key attraction, collectively they bring a singular experience & adventure from the furthest point half-way around the world — one that guests could only get from Chile.

Zone 1 – Green Gateway: Santiago & Valparaiso Marked by 19th century European architecture, vibrant colors, music and dance performances, and a marketplace liveliness that serves as the gateway to the greens of the wine lands of Central Chile. Featured is an attraction that uses state-of-the-art VR motion platform technology, allowing guests to expertly navigate the famous, albeit insane downhill street course of colorful Valparaiso on mountain bikes.

Zone 2 – Atacama Sands & Skies One end of the extremes within the spectrum of a Chilean adventure, the arid but beautiful vistas of the Atacama Desert provide the perfect backdrop to open up the clearest skies that exist on the planet. Among the key attractions is “Fly Through Chile,” a flying theater experience, simulating flying over the vast landscape of Chile.

Zone 3 – Rapa Nui: Easter Island & Robinson Crusoe Island Representative of Chilean Polynesia on Easter Island and Robinson Crusoe Island, this zone is designed to capture the imagination of adventurers of all ages with a walk through aquarium and a dry-for-wet kids play zone.

Zone 4 – Patagonia & Antarctica Cold zone base, showcasing the adventuring spirit within the wilds and vistas of the region, includes a a thrill coaster, boating experience, and potentially some snow play.

Final location and opening date will be announced soon.

IMAGES courtesy Thinkwell Group

Joe Kleiman
Joe Kleiman
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