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Timbalaya Introduces New IP-Based Children’s Activity Adventure

Orlando, FL, USA — A new themed family entertainment Intellectual Property (IP) that transports children of all ages to a magical place of exploration, play and imaginative adventures makes its debut to the visitor attraction market at  IAAPA attractions Expo (November 16-20, 2015) Orange County Convention Centre, Orlando.

Timbalaya is a magical new world, a story-based immersive experience and the birth of a brand with longevity.

Launching initially as a visitor attraction, operators have the opportunity to build a new and bespoke outdoor experience that offers immersive play, performance, discovery of the outdoors and the natural environment. It fills a void in the market. It bucks a trend for everything on a device – a tablet or smartphone. Timbalaya is a place where children’s imagination can run riot, they play outdoors using their own imagination. It also delivers vital health and well-being benefits that parents, teachers and the World Health Organization (WHO) have identified as crucial to positive health in the 21st century.

Founded on a strong ethos that every child should have the chance to dream and realise his or her potential, Timbalaya’s values are centered around being playful, trusted and imaginative.

At its heart is a children’s adventure story set in the land of Timbalaya. Within it is the village of Wishing, a magical place where dreams are made and wishes come true. There are adventures, good and bad, dark and light, giving endless opportunities for imaginative play.

The attraction brings the scenes of the book to life with distinctive features that draw us in; the amazing treetop view from Spangle Stargazer’s Observatory, placing a wish at the Wishing Tree, solving riddles and games dotted around the park, water play in the Midmost Lake, parades and performances.


There are structures to climb up, through and over, areas of water, forests, towers, castles, mazes and quirky enchanting houses. Timbalaya is a love of happy, smiling children and their families all playing together,  having fun, using their imagination, returning home exhausted from all the running and clambering in the attraction and captivated by the stories that challenge their imagination.

Designed for families with children aged under 11 years, the concept has already undergone testing with operators and received two declarations of interest. Children don’t have to be physical to join in and play within the story. Each attraction is designed with access and disability in mind. Discovering clues and reaching goals are rewarded on every level. It is highly participatory…they don’t watch, they become, and are, the experience.

The team behind Timbalaya Ltd comprises diverse and talented global experience makers who believe that where there is a visitor, there is an experience to be made, a lasting memory to be created.

Each has top rank credentials who have clocked up many hours of creative play – Nick Farmer, founder of Farmer Attraction Management, Simon Egan of CAPCO and Rosalind Johnson and Sylvia Matiko, founders of consulting firm A Different View.

Nick Farmer says: “Every part of the Timbalaya experience has depth. Play structures appeal to all ages and physical abilities. Challenging riddles, clue trails and appealing characters demand families to join in the adventure play around the water, laugh, and participate in the shows and live ‘happenings.’

“The performance strategy embraces the stages in child development, from the toddler eager to get wet standing under the Wishing Tree to the boisterous 10-year-old who might think he’s too cool for the park,” he said.

The team is supported by non-executive director and former President of Ripley Entertainment Inc. Bob Masterson, who said: “Timbalaya is a great business model. The people behind it are experienced global players and understand the numbers. There’s a really good ROI. I know of no one who is doing what Timbalaya is doing. When you can fill a void in the market like this, where there is a need, you should make money.

“It is also a cash business; the costs are front loaded with no constant reinvestment of capital like a theme park where items like rollercoasters need maintenance, re-painting etc. Here there is little deterioration, in fact, the attraction improves with age. Nature takes care of it. I like it. Timbalaya is something I recommend.”

Every Timbalaya will be unique to each and every location. No map or plan for two venues can be the same. This is no cookie cutter attraction, but each individual landscape and community will determine its own bespoke design.

Launched to the attractions market as a franchise/licensing opportunity as a mid-range attraction, it is a tight financial model, requires an operator investment of circa $5 million, depending on the location and excluding land and services.

Available to operators as a turnkey solution or design and build, it can be ready to open in  2017.

The Guardians of Timbalaya commissioned young Harvard graduate and British writer Georgina Parfitt to write the story of Timbalaya and Brighton (UK) based illustrator Louise Prentice to bring the characters to life.

“Our intention is to develop this hot house of young creative talent to move the concept on through publishing, kid’s content and other entertainment that furthers our vision, reflecting how children and families play together. For the attractions industry this means a longevity and continued development of the brand, said Rosalind Johnson.

Keen to know more and talk Timbalaya? The team will be at IAAPA and can be reached at www.timbalaya.com or visit Booth 2075, the UKT&I, to discuss how to create an experience that sparks your guests’ imagination and creates contagious laughter in the magic of Timbalaya. Be part of the adventure on Twitter @timbalaya or call on +44 (0) 203 695 9756.


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