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Tivoli celebrates Christmas with The Season of Hearts

While numerous restrictions are still in place, most everything is still open in In an attempt to keep the economy’s wheels turning pretty much everything is still open in the Scandinavian country of Denmark in an effort to keep the economy going. One of the places that is staying open despite the climbing number of Covid-19 cases throughout the world is the second oldest amusement park in Europe, Tivoli. The park is open for Christmas until January 3 2021.

The amusement park that first opened its doors in 1843 opened them again last week to let their guests bask in a real winter wonderland filled with Christmas trees and glowing hearts, a traditional symbol of Christmas in Denmark. 

Since the government-imposed lockdown ended in May, residents have been able to visit restaurants, movie theatres, and concert halls, while all of the amusement parks and fun lands have been open too – all under well-thought-out restrictions and precautions, including Tivoli. 

The CEO of Tivoli, Susanne Mørch Koch says: “Throughout 2020 we’ve gotten better and better at implementing and thinking up new ways to keep our guests safe while also keeping our doors open. We want to be able to allow everyone to visit Tivoli since we know that a trip to Tivoli is a big part of many Dane’s different traditions throughout both summer, autumn, winter, and spring. We also want to keep contributing to getting the economy back on its feet, and to do so, we need to keep our doors open and as many people employed as possible. However, we do take Covid-19 very seriously, and that is why we have implemented a lot of restrictions and precautions. We will not hesitate to close the gates. But right now, we are confident that we can stay open while staying safe.” 

Even though the enchanting amusement park will keep its door open as tradition demands, it will be a different kind of Christmas this year. Both inside Tivoli and for everyone outside celebrating Christmas in this new pandemic world. And because of this year’s hardships, Tivoli’s design team agreed on a theme that can put a smile on everyone’s faces – The Season of Hearts. 

All over the park, you see hearts hanging shining down upon the guests, and down the avenue at the main entrance, they are paired with glittering Swarovski crystals. And for something brand new and daring, Tivoli’s light designer has created a bright, colorful light projection of a glowing heart on the clouds above the park and the city. The heart and its location changes depending on the weather and the clouds but is visible both inside and outside Tivoli, as a loving greeting to the people of Copenhagen, Tivoli’s guests, and all the employees that have worked to ensure that Tivoli has been able to stay open. But the heart should also be seen as a symbol of everything that many of us long for during this time: togetherness, closeness, and love.

In addition to the big heart in the sky, a 3.5-meter-tall glowing heart can be found in front of the restaurant and hotel, Nimb, right in front of a light projection with vivid images of an old-fashioned village. Here you can follow along when the baker, electrician, hairdresser, and watchmaker make decorations for Christmas on Nimb’s façade. And in the Boulevard Garden, you can find the largest tree there wrapped in a frosty and winter-white light which will surely make you think of a certain ice-shooting snow princess.

Tivoli’s design director, Jacob Helenius says about this year’s theme: “In our busy everyday life, there is not always time to be together. That’s why Christmas in Tivoli this year gives visitors the possibility to join this party of hearts and love, a party that everyone wants to join. It’s important for us that our guests get a sense of belonging, of warmth, of love. The feeling where it feels like you’re almost walking on air”.  

Covid-19 initiatives for Christmas in Tivoli

• A new booking system where guests must book time in advance to get into Tivoli
• Several Christmas designs around the Garden that will spread out the guests as much as possible and prevent people from crowding together 
• One-way roads
• Santa has moved from the Pantomime Theater to the Gingerbread Castle and you have to book a space in a virtual queue to visit him
• Extra staff is deployed at the entrances to make sure people do not crowd together outside
• Tivoli is ready to close the gates if deemed necessary 

Christmas in Tivoli in numbers:  

• 10 tons of spruce is used to decorate Tivoli and if you put all the spruce garlands in a line, it would be 3 km long
• 1000 Christmas trees can be found around Tivoli and the largest is 13 meters high
• Every day, 1 million lights are glowing during Christmas in Tivoli.
• The Christmas tree in front of the Concert Hall is decorated with 235 strings with 35,250 light points- 
• The ride The Demon is decorated with 5,550 active LEDs.
• During Christmas in Tivoli, the roller coaster has 235,118 guest trips
• In 2019, the ride Flying Suitcase had a total of 156,942 guest trips 
• During the Christmas season, more than 11,800 liters of mulled wine are sold, corresponding to 35,435 cups
• More than 65,500 slices of pork roast are cut by hand for Tivoli’s pork roast sandwiches
• Every other minute a pancake is made and last year a whopping 24.100 pancakes were sold during the Christmas season
• More than 65.00 cups of Irish Coffee with whipped cream will be served during the Christmas season at Tivoli
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