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Tivoli’s Vertigo Named Top Ride in Europe

[quote]There’s nothing like it for miles around.You’d have to go all the way to Italy to find anything remotely similar, so that makes it very special” — Jacob Helenius, Head of Development and Tivoli[/quote]

Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Sept 24, 2014) — A fact known to Danes since 2009, when Denmark’s fastest interactive amusement ride, Vertigo, first swung into action, has now spread to the rest of Europe.Yesterday, Vertigo was awarded Europe’s Best Amusement Ride 2014, by internationally renowned theme park magazine Kirmes & Park Revue.

Head of Development at Tivoli, Jacob Helenius, explains:

“We are tremendously proud of the fact that Vertigo has been named Europe’s best amusement ride, and we are incredibly pleased.It’s the craziest ride we have and the ride that gives the biggest rush.You’re subjected to a g force of 5.2 when you’re spun around at 100 kilometres an hour. And it’s unique.”

Vertigo 1

The prize was awarded at the “European Star Awards 2014”, the European equivalent of the American “Amusement Today” awards. In addition to the prize for best amusement ride, prizes are also awarded for best roller coaster and best amusement park.The jury of experts gave the following reasons for Vertigo’s prize:

“Vertigo is one of the most unusual rides ever.At first sight, the amusement looks like a simple propeller ride, but it is actually an innovative ride and guests can influence it themselves.Using a joystick, they can decide the intensity of the manoeuvres themselves – at speeds of up to 100 kilometres an hour and with a g-force of 5.2.”

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