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Turkey’s Aqua Fantasy Waterpark Set to Open New Slide Featuring Four Unique Components From Polin

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Istanbul, Turkey — Polin Waterparks and Pool Systems (Turkey) is proud to announce the opening of one of its newest signature rides: The “Sphere” waterslide.

Introduced at the November 2012 International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Expo, Polin is installing seven of these pioneering waterslides at facilities in France, Tunisia, Ukraine, Croatia, Russia and Turkey. The first five locations are expected to open their “Spheres” by next year. But the honor of launching the first “Sphere” in the world goes to the facility in Selcuk, Izmir: Aqua Fantasy Waterpark. The installation of the waterslide at Aquafantasy is nearing completion and the ride will be opening by mid June.

The Spheres is just another example of Polin’s long-standing efforts to achieve its primary mission:

  • To be always innovative
  • To offer superior quality worldwide
  • To be the technology leader in the waterslide industry.

Those goals have allowed the company to create a variety of unique and thrilling water slides and water play attractions over the last few years. In particular, the company introduced the original Magic Sphere and Spheres rides in 2011 and the King Cobra in 2010.

“We continue to focus on achieving these goals, every day, every year,” says Pakis. “In doing so, Polin has proven to be the recognized leader in each area. It is with great pride that we work to raise the bar for the industry to match Polin’s success in creating unique and thrilling designs.”

Aqua Fantasy Waterpark which is one of the most prominent waterpark in Turkey, began working with Polin several years ago when it began expanding its offerings. The park is a part of the Aqua Fantasy Hotel and Spa, located in the ancient city of Selcuk along Turkey’s Aegean cost. The first project involved Polin in helping the park celebrate its 10th anniversary three years ago with the installation of several new rides. A year later, Aqua Fantasy again chose Polin to add another new signature ride.

Now, in 2013, Aqua Fantasy aims to create even greater enthusiasm among its guests with the addition of Polin’s Sphere within a unique 4 in 1 ride design. The installation of the Sphere at Aqua Fantasy will be the first to show off the ride’s inventive design and ride configuration-features so unique that Polin recently received both international and U.S. patents on them.It is also the first ride in the industry with a 4 in 1 ride configuration . Aquafantasy named the new ride as “Super Combo”.

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Aqua Fantasy expects the new ride to incite excitement among guests because it has been combined with several other highly popular Polin attractions: a Space Boat, a Navigatour, an Uphill Navigatour and Sphere. Guests board the ride on a two-person tube from a soaring tower that launches them down an enclosed tube and into Polin’s popular Space Boat ride. Gaining speed from their lofty launch, riders gain velocity as they shoot into the huge, open bowl of this ride. Centrifugal force leads guests on a whirling turn around and around the bowl before they plummet through the bottom into a tunnel. There, guests begin travelling via hydro jets and water-injection propulsion through a series of exhilarating highs and lows via Polin’s Navigatour and Uphill Navigatour inventions.

After that exhilarating journey, guests reach the groundbreaking new attraction, a Sphere connected by tubes. As riders rocket into the orb (smaller version of Polin’s giant 4 persons family ride Magic Sphere, which was introduced two years ago, and is now being installed at Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark), they loop around the perimeter multiple times before shooting out the bottom, through a tunnel. Finally, after experiencing a dizzying and thrilling ride through the orb, they splash out into a pool that ends their journey.

“We are excited to work with Polin on this unique project again this year. As an innovative waterpark, we are intrigued to welcome the first Spheres in the World. We are confident to say that the unique orb shaped design, the appealing look and the multiple ride route and the ride experience of our new waterslide will make it one of our most popular waterslide in our park,” said Aquafantasy Waterpark General Coordinator Askin Altiparmak.

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The Spheres, like Polin’s other signature attractions, is manufactured via resin-transfer molding (RTM) closed molded composites production technology which is the latest technology in waterslide manufacturing. This technology has many advantages. We can obtain a perfectly shiny and smooth finish on both sides of the slide; a more homogenous thickness distribution; perfectly smooth joints, and very important environmental advantages. Polin refers to the look as Magic Shine. Most waterslide manufacturers use conventional open-mold processes, which result in dull finishes that must then go another finishing process to achieve an acceptable exterior. RTM technology is mostly used in the automotive, marine and aircraft industries. Polin is the only waterslide manufacturer in the world that can produce large waterslide components using this technology and that can offer the complete line as RTM.

Along with the appealing aesthetic of a glossy exterior, Polin’s Spheres waterslide also offers another innovative and patented feature: Polin’s Natural Light Effect (NLE) technology. During daylight, this manufacturing process allows the slide’s tubes to come alive with a shifting rainbow of colors. This effect can be seen by both the riders inside the tubes, as well as guests looking at the rides from outside the ride. Polin’s engineers invented this “natural light show” 20 years ago using a special technique that allows sunlight to filter through the slide’s composite material. As water flows through the tubes, it interacts with the light to create the effect. It’s true that other waterslide manufacturers offer lighting effects inside their slides. Polin’s technology, however, is unique because it requires no electricity, LED lamps or phosphorous paint. Polin has now been offering Natural Light Effects with RTM manufactured waterslides and Polin is holding a patent on this. No other waterslide manufacturer can offer this appealing special effect with an RTM manufactured waterslide.

One of the features that make the Spheres particularly appealing to guests is its unique ride path. No trip through the attraction is ever the same as guides whirl around the orb’s interiors. Other major advantages to the ride include:

  • A size and design that allows the attraction to match a park’s specific theme and colors
  • Strong visual impact
  • A fully enclosed version for a completely dark attraction
  • A partly open version with half open or partly open bowls
  • Conveyor or tower entry options
  • Optional special effects (visual and auditory)
  • Double, triple and quadruple version choices
  • Pool or run-out exits.

Sphere’s Technical Specifications

  • Typical height: 6 meters (19.6 feet)
  • Depth: 1,400 mm/5.2 meters (55 inches/17.05 feet)
  • Width: 1,400 mm/6 meters (55 inches/19.6 feet)
  • Slope: 10/40 percent
  • Capacity: 180*2 persons/hour
  • Tubes: Double
  • Drop angle: 22,50 degrees
  • Speed: 10 mps (22 mph)
  • Exit: Dry out or Pool
  • Natural Light Effect (NLE) applicability
  • Magic Shine applicability
  • Special Pattern Effects (SPE) applicability
  • Translucency applicability
  • Flow rate: 880 gpm
  • Space required: 11 meters x 7 meters for each module (36 feet x 23 feet)

For more on Aqua Fantasy Waterpark, visit its website at .


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