Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Parent Company of Universal Studios Japan Considers Second Theme Park in Okinawa

Osaka, Japan — Ryukyu Shimpo reports on the announcement:

“Glenn Gumpel, CEO of the company behind Universal Studios Japan (USJ), the US movie theme park in Osaka, held a press conference in Osaka City on March 18. Gumpel announced plans to build a theme park in Okinawa. Gumpel described the scale of the development; ‘although it will be smaller than Tokyo Disney Land or USJ Osaka, it will still be big.’ Gumpel did not mention any specific information on location or opening time. However, people involved indicate the company is looking into the possible use of state-owned land around the Ocean Expo Park in Motobu. The plan will also consider the area around the Neo Park Okinawa in Nago City, which has been previously targeted.

“Gumpel said, ‘This park will not be featuring movies or TV shows. It will be something to fit into Okinawa.’ Regarding the development plan of the new park, Gumpel further stated, ‘We want to grow our business outside of Osaka as well.’  According to those involved, the new facilities will take advantage of the nature of Okinawa.

“However, they also said the plan is still in its initial phase and it is not guaranteed whether the plan will be implemented or not. A spokesperson for the USJ further explained, ‘CEO Gumpel announced the development with a disclaimer that we have not guaranteed that the company will execute the plan or not.'”


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