Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Vortex Water Journey Labyrinth Provides Learning and Creativity for Youngest Visitors to Den Blå Planet Aquarium

Pointe Claire, QC, Canada —Northern Europe’s largest aquarium, Den Blå Planet Aquarium in Copenhagen, Denmark, is completely designed inside and out with water in mind. Earth’s most abundant resource is the focus at Den Blå Planet (translated as “The Blue Planet”). The building itself is designed to mimic the shape of a whirlpool, and it houses seven million liters of water as part of its exhibits. Even the surrounding environment is water-based; featuring a reflecting pool and the Øresund Sea.

When searching for an outdoor water attraction with an educational element, The Den Blå Planet Aquarium chose Water Journey by Vortex. Specifically, the Labyrinth module was installed.

One of four Water Journey modules, the Labyrinth offers an interactive experience for children, teaching them the fundamentals of imaginative play and the basic principles of cause and effect through the manipulation and coordination of the game’s features. And, it offers the opportunity to play with water without getting too wet!

Located in the outdoor playground connected to the Aquarium, the Labyrinth encourages visits in the summer months when warm weather normally discourages trips to the mostly indoor selection of exhibits and activities. The Labyrinth is proving to be a popular communal meeting place for parents and visitors as they extend their visit to watch water on its downstream journey.

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