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VRstudios acquired by FOD Capital; shift in business model follows ownership change

Image from Football Frenzy, an offering through VRstudios' Fury Solo. Image courtesy of VRstudios.

VRstudios, a creator of virtual reality content, management software and attractions dedicated to location-based entertainment operators since 2016, has announced that the company has moved to a new product ownership structure and business model.

FOD Capital, LLC, the majority shareholder of VRstudios, Inc. has acquired the company’s entire technology and product portfolio, including its AMP (Attraction Management Platform) software, ATOM and FLEX multiplayer free-roaming systems, and portfolio of game titles built expressly for out-of-home VR attractions.

Under this new structure, the business model will shift from channel and direct sales to an invitation for strategic partners to license or acquire the technology and products to fast-track the addition of branded VR attractions and content to their portfolio or as a baseline to accelerate new product development. The offering leverages 7+ years of development and field-proven reliability of millions of VR games delivered by the AMP across multiple system formats in amusement locations.

VRstudios had recently begun the evolution of its business model by packaging “software only” versions of its ATOM and FLEX systems that included a full specification for the operator to independently source all the hardware needed for deployment.

VRstudios’ vast content catalog ranges from PowerPlay, an immersive player-vs-player experience that is the evolution of laser tag in VR, and the cowboys and robots-themed VR Showdown in Ghost Town, to the alien bug blasting action of Terminal 17: Mission Critical and the futuristic multiplayer shooter Time Zombies.

VRStudios’ AMP was designed from the ground up for enterprise deployments. From cloud-based management and analytics to user-centric design, AMP allows integration into small business operations and large-scale infrastructures.

Now, strategic partners can license or acquire the technology and products to both fast-track adding branded VR attractions to their portfolio and as a baseline to accelerate new product development.

Kevin Vitale, VRstudios’ CEO, and other former members of the management team are supporting FOD to implement the new business model.

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