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WhiteWater Playing Key Role in Wanda Group’s First Theme Park

Richmond, BC, Canada (September 10, 2015) — Dalian Wanda Group of China is scheduled to host a grand opening of their first theme park on September 26, 2015. The event will celebrate a new chapter of theme park development in China for both Wanda and WhiteWater. The first park, Xishuangbanna International Resort, will feature an assortment of WhiteWater waterslides as well as a highly themed interactive play structure. This park marks the first of many theme parks Wanda and WhiteWater are currently developing together.

Xishuangbanna International Resort (3) Boomerango

Xishuangbanna International Resort in Jinghong city occupies 6 square kilometers of land and will be one of the largest culture and tourism investments in the world. The resort boasts 7 separate areas including a theme park, a golf course, a 5-star hotel, a theatre, a commercial center, a hospital and a new tourism town.

Xishuangbanna International Resort (2) - Abyss

Xishuangbanna International Resort Theme Park welcomes guests to celebrate the Dai culture in a lush theme park bursting with large green spaces and floral accents. Throughout the 60 hectares of theme park, WhiteWater has integrated the tropical jungle theme into each waterpark element, creating a garden of bright flower-like waterslides. The fiberglass is coloured with bright yellows, pinks and blues and supported by vibrant green steel that emulates a flower’s stalk.

Xishuangbanna International Resort (4) AquaPlay

With an annual capacity of 500,000 guests, Xishuangbanna International Resort Theme Park will entertain visitors, not only with iconic waterslides, but with the unique AquaPlay Giant RainFortress. A centerpiece of adventure, this unique AquaPlay structure invites guests to play in a lavish garden of beautiful flowers and bright waterslides. The 2800 liter (740 US gallons) tipping bucket is painted as a basket full of pansies while the structural posts are topped with lotus flowers, hollyhocks and sunflowers.

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