Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Rainer Maelzer joins WhiteWater as Canadian firm gains exclusive rights to SlideWheel

Last year, WhiteWater announced a landmark partnership with wiegand.maelzer (now wiegand.waterrides) to licence the multiple award-winning SlideWheel. This year, a deal was reached between the two companies to grant WhiteWater exclusive rights to this iconic rotating water slide that in 2019, won the prestigious IAAPA Impact Award, a Brass Ring Award, a THEA Award, and a Leading Edge Award. Going forward, this amazing ride is exclusively available from and manufactured by WhiteWater.

SlideWheel is the world’s first rotating water slide, inspired by the Ferris wheel. Its unique, dynamic motion that includes backwards sliding, strong G-forces, and pendulum movements make the ride feel twice as long as it actually is. As with a Ferris wheel, the SlideWheel defines a park skyline and as the Chimelong installation demonstrates, is particularly visually striking lit up, making it a marketing bonus for any park.

WhiteWater also welcomes Rainer Maelzer (above, right) as a consultant. He previously served as CEO of wiegand.maelzer, where he was part of the team that brought the innovative SlideWheel into fruition. Maelzer brings with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the water slide and waterpark industry.

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