Thursday, May 6, 2021

Center Parcs Merges Tornado and BehemothBOWL Into Single Water Ride

Suffolk, UK — To celebrate 25 years, in late November Center Parcs UK is opening one of the most unique water rides anywhere on the planet. Discover the forces of nature in this one-of-a-kind experience. Tropical Cyclone sees two award-winning rides joined together for the very first time, the TORNADO (TM) and the BehemothBOWL (TM). A unique 4 seater clover-shaped raft will take families through a series of twists and turns, reaching speeds of 24 miles per hour. Rafters will experience a full 45 degree drop and even reach zero gravity during this 200 metre family adventure.  The ride was manufactured by ProSlide Technology.

Center Parcs is committed to bringing its guests the very best in innovation and ensuring their jewel in the crown the Subtropical Swimming Paradise is at the heart of the latest investment and development plans. The new £4 million ride has been developed after extensive research with guests and a worldwide search for the best water experiences. The new water ride at Elveden Forest will also be joined by The Lagoon, a new family warm water pool, which is part of a longer term investment programme in the Subtropical Swimming Paradise across all four Center Parcs Villages.

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