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#91 – Trending technology, risk and reward

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Placing Lost Island: Lost Island Themepark combines an extensive backstory and theming with engaging attractions in Waterloo, Iowa, USA. Photo courtesy Lost Island.

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Lessons of Immersion, awash in useful techby Judith Rubin, InPark Magazine Editor

Risk and rewardby Martin Palicki, InPark Magazine Editor


Unique thrills in Denmark Record-breaking coaster makes its debut at Fårup Sommerland • by Judith Rubin and Martin Palicki

Doubling down on development 7thSense and their growing technology team • interviews by Martin Palicki and Judith Rubin

Eleventh Hour launches The Collab Experience Consulting on the future of work for the LBE space • by Gene Jeffers

Ready for exploration Deep space with Blue Telescope and the Kennedy Space Center • by David Edmonds

Placing Lost Island Impressive theming and storytelling in a brand new theme park • by Martin Palicki

Go West FlyOver attraction lands on the Las Vegas Strip • by Joe Kleiman

Focus on EMEA The evolving regional attractions industry in the EMEA region • by Edmond Chih and Edward Shaw

How Bungalow saved Christmas Meet Orlando fabrication company Bungalow Scenic Studios • by Gabrielle Russon

Peter van der Schans A conversation with the executive director and VP of IAAPA EMEA • interview by Judith Rubin

Spotlight on innovation The new Cyberlight LED built for themed entertainment • by Joe Kleiman

The odds are on SATE Las Vegas A conversation with SATE co-chairs Shannon Martin and Gregory Senner • interviews by Judith Rubin

Happiness is a scratch for every niche Find your spot and own it • by Scott Harkless

Building Big The building blocks of fun with Imagination Playground • by Wendy Grant

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