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#98 – New approaches in design and technology

On the cover

The San Antonio Zoo turned to PGAV Destinations to design a new entrance and extensive gorilla habitats for both the animals and human guests to enjoy.


Just add technology by Martin Palicki

Erasing the line between theory and practice by Judith Rubin


Expo 2027 Belgrade Exclusive interview with Dr. Dušan Borovcanin

by James Ogul

Pathways to growth Alcorn McBride’s innovative internship program for theme park engineers

by Wendy M. Grant

Listening to operators Q&A with Smart Monkeys CEO Stephan Villet

by Judith Rubin

The era of spatial computing Electrosonic connects themed entertainment and spatial computing

by James Careless

TEA’s recipe for success Events and networking fulfill an industry need

by Martin Palicki

All about Brand Licensing Europe Interview with Ella Haynes and Ben Roberts

by Judith Rubin

Celebrating the community and the zoo Three new projects by PGAV Destinations at the San Antonio Zoo

by Joe Kleiman

Making the move to cashless How Connect&GO can make operations easier with RFID

by James Careless

Design & development Five UCF grad students create concepts for Alterface’s The Wander

by Judith Rubin

Helping yourself Semnox streamlines the future of self-service in leisure venues

by Tammie Richards

Taking a moment Moment Factory: from music for the eyes to symphonies for the senses

by Gene Jeffers

What’s in a MIRT (Mario in Real Time)? SimGraphics ushers in well-behaved AI characters for LBE and themed attractions

by Judith Rubin

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