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Winchester Mystery House announces new tour focused on the paranormal

99 years after the mansion opened its doors to guests in San Jose, CA, the Winchester Mystery House announced on June 30, 2022 the all new Walk with Spirits Tour, starting July 7, 2022.  During this interactive tour experience, guests will walk in the footsteps of Sarah Winchester’s tragic story and journey out west. Key tour highlights include: Victorian mourning traditions, legends American Spiritualism movement, an interactive seance experience, and a dimly lit stroll through the most active areas of the basement. 

Entrance to the Basement – Photo courtesy of Winchester Mystery House

Tour guests start their journey to the past through the front doors and into a Victorian wake in the front parlor of the home. There, a tour guide will guide them through the more macabre traditions of death and mourning in the 19th century.  Guests will then proceed to the upper floors of the mansion where they hear about the actively practicing Spiritualists in the Santa Clara Valley during the late 1880s before experiencing the sights and sounds of a Victorian séance.

Guests will then be led through a series of dark and foreboding spaces, hearing tales of the supernatural and spiritual phenomenon that Winchester Mystery House guests and employees have recorded over the years.  Finally, they will arrive in the basement, the very foundation of the house.  If they are lucky, or perhaps unlucky, guests may have an interaction with the mansion’s most famous residents

Guests in Hall – Photo courtesy of Winchester Mystery House and Archer Inspired Photography

“This year will mark 100 years since Sarah Winchester passed away and the world’s fascination with her story and her home has only grown.  What we seek to do with the Walk with Spirits Tour is focus on the Victorian traditions around death, mourning and the American Spiritualism movement. We are also excited to share stories from the hundreds of mediums, investigators, guests and caretakers who swear that they have experienced something they cannot explain while walking our hallowed halls.”

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