Friday, May 14, 2021

Superfly and JRA designed FRIENDS pop-up sells out length of run

FRIENDS fans are no longer “on a break” from their favorite 90s sitcom! To celebrate the iconic show’s 25th anniversary, creative company Superfly partnered with Warner Bros. to create a month-long pop-up experience in New York City. Friends of FRIENDS were so excited about the pop-up that it sold out three hours after going public on sale.

Inside, visitors are transported right back to 1994, with set re-creations, props, and memorabilia. They can view a graphic timeline of the characters’ love triangles, peruse Rachel’s 18-page letter to Ross, kick back in Joey and Chandler’s BarcaLoungers, and even re-enact Monica’s famous “turkey shimmy.” And of course, no visit to the FRIENDS universe is complete without a photo in front of the fountain or a trip to Central Perk.

JRA collaborated with Superfly’s internal design and production teams on the master planning, design, and implementation of the experience. “One of the great things about this industry is getting to work on something that you’re already so interested in – and as a huge FRIENDS fan all the way back from its original run, it’s been so much fun recreating my favorite moments and scenes,” said JRA Senior Designer, Colin Cronin. “We enjoyed working with Superfly to include little surprises throughout the pop-up, and it’s been fun seeing those ‘easter eggs’ resonate with FRIENDS fans on social media.”

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