Saturday, May 15, 2021

LEGOLAND Billund – Halloween


Monsters, ghosts and spiders consume LEGOLAND, when the park from 12 to 20 October is ‘wraped’ in its best Halloween costume featuring spooky fun autumn.

It has become a tradition as LEGOLAND switches its summer theme out with hot cocoa, lighted pumpkins and a spooky-cozy Halloween atmosphere during the autumn holiday, and this year is certainly no exception.

Friendly vampires welcomes guests at the entrance and around the park you can see how the monsters, skeletons, ghosts and spiders have made their mark on the park’s various areas.

“The nice but a bit scary creatures have made their foray into the park, and with them they have a lot of fun Halloween activities for small and large customers,” explains Event Manager at LEGOLAND Claus Pedersen.

Among the many activities are Monsterløb through Miniland, classic trick and treat fun in Pirate Land, ghost hunting in LEGOREDO ® Town and a great Halloween workshop in KNIGHTS KINGDOM ™, where guests can make beautiful Halloween souvenirs to take home.

“Although Halloween is associated with the eerie and dark, it is actually one of the friendliest weeks of the season in LEGOLAND. The year draws to a close and the days get shorter. This means that guests can experience LEGOLAND in the twilight, see beautifully carved pumpkins lit up and it sets the stage for a wonderful autumn experience with the family,” said Claus Pedersen.

Besides the glowing pumpkins, guests can also experience impressive lighting inside the giant LEGO skull in Pirate Splash Battle from the international lighting firm Martin Professional, put up on the occasion of Halloween. If you like ghost stories and Halloween pranks, you can see Scooby Doo entertain with his crazy horror show and Vampire Viggo send shudders through the happy atmosphere of the park with his Halloween show.

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