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Themed Entertainment Association announces 2023 TEA Masters

The TEA Masters of Their Craft honors and recognizes the achievements of individuals – the creators, managers, designers, writers, producers, engineers, and craftspeople – who have made significant and enduring contributions to the themed entertainment industry through innovation, design, craftsmanship, leadership, and/or artistry.

The program acknowledges exceptional individuals whose skills epitomize the highest standards and have used those skills to advance their discipline.

Each has built a body of work over a minimum of 20 years, often working on a global stage and on multiple major, and/or signature projects while demonstrating consistent quality of execution.

TEA Masters come from many different countries throughout the world, are diverse, and represent a wide variety of disciplines. This year, we have our first Master from the Australian continent!

Often unknown except among their peers and collaborators, they help create visceral stories, rides, attractions, events, and places that immerse, mystify, thrill, and educate guests worldwide. They are also enthusiastic mentors to those who work alongside them, and they eagerly share their learnings with newcomers to our industry.

The 2023 Masters

•            Chris Conte, Audiovisual Technology Design and Integration

•            Robin Hall, Theme Park Master Planning

•            Björn Heerwagen, Show Design / Production

•            Jodi McLaughlin, Executive Producer

•            Karen Trott, Scenic Artist

How the Masters are selected

Each new slate of TEA Masters is selected by the current Masters acting as a Selection Committee. The Selection Committee receives nominations from members of the profession worldwide.

The Selection Committee carefully examines each of these nominations after assuring that the submission requirements are met.

This year, some 150 nominations were examined. The voting selection process is rigorous and thorough, and the discussions are lively. The overall effort is conducted over a three-month period during which nominations are individually reviewed and a final slate is determined.

The 2023 TEA Masters will be officially honored at SATE North America in Kansas City on 11 – 14 October 2023.

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