Friday, December 1, 2023

Alterface Will Evolve Its Popcorn Revenge Ride

by Rona Gindin

Alterface will add merchandise to its Popcorn Revenge, part of a movement that will morph its award-winning dark ride at Walibi Belgium into a Popcorn Universe – themed lands of various sizes built around the Popcorn Revenge story. At the IAAPA 2109 Expo, CEO and Founder Benoit Cornet conceded that the popcorn storyline has a surprisingly wide appeal. “We discovered that popcorn is more universal than we were expecting,” he said, noting that the theming can be applied to various types of rides.

At a press event, the company displayed plush and other popcorn-themed retail items.

The company has partnered with King Concept to design options accommodating from 400 to 5,000 guests at once.

The ride uses the company’s Erratic Ride technology, which has grown technologically since its introduction 15 years ago, he said. For example, today such rides offer faster play, can accommodate 250+ guests playing at once instead of 30, and is wireless.

Rona Gindin
Rona Gindin
InPark is pleased to welcome Rona Gindin ([email protected]), who joined our community of contributors in November 2017. Rona writes about tourism, business, travel, restaurant and lifestyle issues. Her work has appeared in Zagat,, Brides, Parenting, Endless Vacation and other publications and websites.

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