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Alterface’s Action League rotating attraction is turnkey ready

Alterface’s new Action League, The Interactive RevolutionTM offers up to 1,000 players per hour a fast-moving, immersive team competition within an exciting arena environment,” says Stéphane Battaille, Chief Executive Officer. Action LeagueTM boasts a compact footprint, adaptable cycling and a unique preshow queue system. Daring and innovative, Action League earned first place in the 2021 IAAPA Brass Ring’s Best New Product Concept Award: Major Attraction.

“That recognition inspired us to fully develop Action League into an attraction that would engage players and keep them coming back for more,” Battaille says. “For our clients, we wanted to optimize every square meter and create an easy to use, easy to upgrade product. With the collaboration of P+A Projects, we refined the initial concept and brought it to fulfillment.”

In the Action League arena, players are seated on a rotating platform and spin into competitive team vs. team endeavors. An elevated queue design saves space and offers waiting players a preview of the action, adding to the excitement. The attraction is scalable from 36 to 72 players at a time and can easily be integrated within any infrastructure.

Powered by Alterface’s signature SaltoTM show control, which manages the effects and actions, including shooting, lighting, audio, animatronics, photo & video content and physical effects, Action League is fully customizable and can easily be adapted to local tastes and park cultures. Three turnkey theming and media packages have been developed. Bespoke content packages (media, theming, background story) can be tailor-made to client specifications and theming requirements, ranging from purely game-oriented content to more immersive and storytelling-based gameplay.

Three Turnkey Proposals

G.R.I.T. (Giant Robot Intense Tournament) is a competitive game where teams climb into the driver seat of an enormous robot. Robots then face off against opponents, shooting at power nodes to boost performance, collect bonuses and inflict penalties. This application relies on classic video game mechanics and an elaborate game design. “Power up everyone!”

The Daft Pirates is a family-oriented adventure combining an engaging storyline with mounds of humor and a sequence of quirky situations! Players are transported to a colorful island populated with cute characters made by Bon Art Studio, the Alterface media partners who brought to life the plants from Bazyilszek (Basilisk in English) and the poppies from Popcorn Revenge. The island is soon invaded by a group of crazily armed funky pirates seeking the island’s treasures hidden in a cave. Players must prepare an ambush to defend the stash and drive the pirates off the island.

The Greenhouse offers a player-versus-player interactive experience that also relies on a group effort to progress the furthest in the game. Located in a steampunk world where plants have been subjected to monstrous experiments and have mutated into enemies of mankind, players are challenged to clean up the mess. Participants must descend through level after level of the infested greenhouse to find and destroy the root of the problem and restore balance to the giant greenhouse.

Alterface will be on hand to answer questions at IAAPA Expo Europe Stand #222, ExCeL London, Sept. 13-15, 2022.

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