Friday, May 24, 2024

Analog Way adds VIOSO support for its Picturall media servers

Analog Way has announced a partnership agreement with VIOSO GmbH, the German-based pioneer in projector auto-alignment and provider of projection calibration software that makes multi-projector setups easy and reliable. 

The agreement will add support for VIOSO projection calibration tools to the upcoming major software release for Analog Way’s Picturall range of media servers.  The addition will enable and facilitate new applications for Picturall, including 360° cylindrical projection, full dome projection, panoramic projection, projection mapping and simulations.

“We are very happy to work with the team from VIOSO, the gold standard for automatic camera-based projector calibration,” says Samuli Valo, managing director at Analog Way Picturall media server competence center.  “The team’s knowledge and tools combined with our Picturall system will make it very easy to build huge multi-projector installations.”

“VIOSO and Picturall met more than 10 years ago, but only our latest VIOSO 6 software development enabled us to combine the Linux-based Picturall with VIOSO’s technology as smoothly as required today,” notes Benjamin Fritsch, CEO of VIOSO.  “Integration with Picturall means a worldwide leading specialist for large-format displays now can be supported with auto-maintaining projection systems: It’s a perfect fit.”

The integration of Analog Way’s variant of VIOSO tools will allow camera calibration of multiple projectors — up to 16 4K projectors — from a single Picturall Pro media server.  The integration will enable dome projection and projection onto any kind of irregular surfaces; for fixed installations, Analog Way’s VIOSO tool permits easy automatic recalibration of projectors.

Headquartered in Germany, VIOSO also has offices in the U.S., Turkey and France.

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