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BoldMove Nation & E&S Rides partner to develop new family coaster concept

BoldMove Nation announced its debut in the world of family coasters. The new Spinfinity Coaster offers a cross-generational experience with a firm positioning between kiddy and scary thrill coasters. It emerges as a natural transition from BoldMove’s dark ride expertise, marked by high-quality theming and storytelling in 360 degree universes.

Spinfinity Coaster is the result of a close collaboration between the creative ride experts of BoldMove and the technical engineers of E&S Rides. The teams have all aspects of the process in hand, carefully balancing track layout, movements, media and theming to obtain the right level of sophistication.

Best of both worlds – immersion and excitement

Spinfinity Coaster unites two worlds: the immersive experiences of a themed dark ride with the thrilling movements of a coaster. “We like to spice up the classical attraction formulas by using a bold recipe that mixes proven ingredients in a special way together, adding a creative topping to finish it off,” said BoldMove ‘s CEO & Captain of Creative Minds Benoit Cornet. “This way we give our customers a very unique and new flavor without taking any risks. With the Spinfinity Coaster we apply multi-layered dark ride theming and storytelling principles into a new breed of attractions.”

Based on BoldMove’s ride concepts, the E&S team handles all technical and engineering aspects of Spinfinity Coaster. The seasoned team brings over 10 years of ride engineering expertise, applied in projects for Compagnie des Alpes, Looping Group, and a Paris-based park with a mouse.

The compact and dense design of the Spinfinity Coaster allows for integration in existing park areas or empty buildings. Its structure does not require heavy infrastructural works and enables a fast construction. Operation and maintenance are restricted to a minimum to avoid downtime and entertain over 500 visitors per hour during high season.

Themed to the teeth – 360 degree experience

​Spinfinity Coaster features themed vehicles where riders are facing each other. They can enjoy a unique mix of coaster thrill effects with boomerang and shuttle movements, alongside an indoor themed media experience with multiple scenarios each time the train passes by. This encourages repeatability as each ride experience will be different and entails surprising elements. The Spinfinity Coaster experience starts with a themed outdoor area and loading station.

Thrilled to the bone

​Visitors embarking on the Spinfinity Coaster will see, feel and experience sensations triggered by special twists, spins and turns, as well as media projections. Even the vehicles come to live with special “hologram” projections, whilst special effects are fully aligned with the thrill experience from start till end. To fit each venue and visitor preferences, a bespoke theme can be developed by BoldMove’s creative team for outdoor, vehicle and indoor media content. The ride is ideally suited to accommodate a preshow and shop with merchandising.

Sébastien Challard, co-Founder of E&S Rides, comments: “Combining our engineering skills with BoldMove’s creativity resulted very naturally in an unequalled family coaster with surprising twists and turns. We are very proud of the result, it’s a real pleasure to share our passion and reinforce each other.”

“We are truly excited with this next logical step in our roadmap to creating happy worlds. It marks another important milestone and opens tremendous opportunities for regional parks to offer their visitors unique ride experiences. We look forward to an exciting and successful venture with our partner E&S Rides!” concludes Cornet.

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