Friday, December 1, 2023

BRC Imagination Arts reshapes company ownership team

BRC Imagination Arts (BRC), a global strategy, design and production agency, announced strategic changes to its organizational structure, including additional company ownership to lead the agency’s continued growth.

For 40 years, BRC has used the principles of strategic storytelling and experience design to solve a variety of challenges for brands and cultural institutions and has long championed a rethinking of attractions and experiences as not only audience engagement and storytelling platforms, but entirely new businesses and revenue streams for clients.

Last year, during the company’s 40th anniversary, BRC grew its leadership ranks, adding new perspectives, expertise and expanding BRC’s ownership. Portions of the company ownership will now be distributed among seven participants:

Photos courtesy of BRC Imagination Arts.

  • Bob Rogers, CEO, Chairman, President, Founder
  • Christian Lachel, Chief Creative Officer
  • Carmel Lewis, Executive Vice President and Executive Producer
  • Marci Carlin, Vice President and Executive Producer
  • Brad Shelton, Vice President & Creative Director
  • Matthew Solari, Vice President & Creative Director
  • Edward Hodge, Vice President & Creative Director

“BRC is and has always been an experiential agency dedicated to translating brand and cultural stories into transformative, human experiences,” said BRC Founder and CEO Bob Rogers. “We have remained an industry leader because we pride ourselves in our ability to not just adapt but lead an evolving world, and this group of distinguished creators and producers are poised to take BRC into the exciting future ahead.”

The expanded ownership team will be building off the success of recent years that includes immersive and engaging experiences like the award-winning stadium tour for the Las Vegas Raiders, the creation of a new tour for the Grand Ole Opry, and the opening of Johnnie Walker Princes Street in Scotland.

“Since Bob Rogers founded BRC 40 years ago, he has built an incredible team that continues to redefine the experiential business, so we’re thrilled he’ll remain a core part of the leadership team as the company heads into its next phase,” said Christian Lachel, Chief Creative Officer at BRC. “While we’re exceptionally proud of our heritage, our primary focus now is on what’s next: how we can continue BRC’s legacy of strategic brand and cultural storytelling that drives measurable impact and economic growth for our clients for the next 40 years and beyond.”

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