Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Cedar Point opens Snake River Expedition

Weber Group Inc. fabricates animatronics and effects for new attraction.

The Snake River Expedition at Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH, opened May 28th to the general public and is available for rides throughout the summer. Weber Group Inc. was tasked with building this world and populating it with dozens of animatronic characters, interactive traps, water effects and scenic content. Each scene was artfully crafted as part of an overall narrative, including the creation of period-evocative buildings and even a small town. This worldbuilding supplements Cedar Point’s live entertainment, meshing animatronics and live action all while directly involving guests in the story.

Photos courtesy of Weber Group Inc.

Immersed in the world of Snake River Expedition where gigantic snakes and dangerous bandits are around every corner, you maneuver your flatboat through the treacherous waters and experience frontier thrills. Before you even board, you are treated to eccentric characters and hair-raising surprises. Once underway, you become part of an interactive story that involves robbery, gun battles, gigantic snake attacks, and explosions!

Weber Group Inc. was established in 1983 and specializes in design, construction, and custom fabrication. The company maintains a diverse client base with a strong resume in both commercial construction and experiential entertainment attractions. Experiential projects include Amusement Parks, Waterparks, Zoos, Museums, Botanical Gardens, Aquariums and Science Centers. Commercial construction projects include destination resorts, mixed-use developments, multi-family housing, retail, and commercial developments.

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