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Celebrate National Ride Operator Appreciation Day on June 30

International Ride Training has announced that National Ride Operator Appreciation Day will take place on Friday, June 30. This day is dedicated to recognizing the hard work and dedication of the ride operators who make our safe, efficient, and fun rider experiences possible. Ride operators are crucial in ensuring guests have a memorable time at your park. International Ride Training secured this day officially in the National Day Archives last year to be celebrated on this day each year.

“We know being a ride operator is the “hardest job you will ever love” and that it is “poetry in motion” when done well each and every cycle,” said Cindee Huddy, owner and managing partner of IRT. “Most people who love and enjoy rides do not realize the many simultaneous duties an operator conducts because they make it look easy! This is a chance for everyone to say, ‘We appreciate you and your hard work!’”

To celebrate National Ride Operator Appreciation Day, IRT is encouraging attractions to recognize and thank their ride operators for the hard work and dedication that they bring to the job, and to share the celebration on social media by adding photos and videos of your teams on both IRT’s and the attraction’s social media using the hashtags #nationalrideoperatorday, #internationalridetraining, and #rideoperatorsiROC. This will help spread awareness of the critical role that ride operators play in the amusement park industry.

“Enthusiasm for this national day of recognition has already spread, and plans are in the works at several attractions, such as Kings Dominion in Roswell, Virginia and Wild Waves in Federal Way, Washington. A few of their ideas include donuts and cupcakes for the entire team, fun swag giveaways, a pizza party, taking photos of the operators in action, and the simple saying thank you, and we appreciate you by lots of people all day long!” said Huddy.

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