Thursday, November 30, 2023

Christie reveals latest line for its CounterAct disinfectant lighting instrument

Global visual technologies company Christie introduced its newest CE- and UL-certified commercial UVC-LED disinfection light fixture for occupied, indoor spaces: Christie CounterAct UR10 with UVC-LED and patented Care222 far-UVC – plus visible light.

InPark Editor Judith Rubin reported on the original iteration of CounterAct along with its relevancy in the attractions industry.

CounterAct UR10 builds on the release of the CA20, Christie’s first far-UVC disinfection fixture, and the desire among global business and government leaders to increase confidence and improve wellbeing in our indoor spaces, such as meeting rooms, classrooms, and other places people gather. Combining filtered Care222 far-UVC light with upper room high-power mercury-free UVC-LED, CounterAct UR10 is an evolution in technology for treating both surfaces and air in occupied indoor spaces.

“With our latest addition to the Christie CounterAct line of UVC disinfection fixtures, we are excited to continue to help organizations create greater confidence in indoor spaces as we return to in-person interaction,” said Brent Peckover, director, industrial applications, Christie. “The high-power upper room ultra-violet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) disinfection performance of UR10, combined with visible light capabilities to light your space, allows businesses to replace existing commercial light fixtures as a cost-effective solution.”

CounterAct UR10, which kills both airborne and surface pathogens, can be installed in rooms with ceiling heights between 9 and 22 feet (3 to 7.6 meters), includes remote control features with iOS and Android support, and can be integrated with building automation/management systems. Peckover explains, “UVC disinfection systems should be seamless and require no day-to-day user interaction while effectively inactivating pathogens in the occupied space.”

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