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Madrid’s Teatro Real upgrades visuals with Christie pure laser projectors

The Teatro Real in Madrid, winner of the International Opera Award for Best Opera House in the world, has acquired five Christie M 4K25 RGB pure laser projectors to enrich its opera, dance, concert, and recital programming.

The Teatro Real was inaugurated in 1850 and is currently one of the great international centers of opera activity. The building is an architectural mixture with 28 boxes on different floors, in addition to eight prosceniums and the double-height Royal Box. The jewel of the theatre is its 1,472-square-meter (15,844-square-foot) stage box which accommodates complex scenery changes, including multiple set design elements such as lighting and visuals on stage and in the orchestra pit.

The theatre acquired three Christie lamp-based 3DLP® projectors nine years ago, and recently upgraded to more modern and efficient models with improved color performance. “We are always committed to excellence and that is why we decided to continue with Christie when it came to modernizing our fleet of projectors,” says Fernando Valiente, head of Audiovisuals at the Teatro Real. “We know the result Christie projectors offers is always optimal and allows our facility to provide an experience no other brands offer,” he adds.

After a series of tests in Christie’s demo room in Madrid, the Teatro Real decided that the M 4K25 RGB was the best choice for its needs. “Its RGB pure laser technology that approaches the Rec. 2020 color volume – a color standard closest to what the human eye can see – provided us with color nuance that far surpassed the old lamp technology. In fact, we saw it in Luigi Cherubini’s opera Medea where Christie’s RGB laser technology allowed us to get the punchy reds we needed to project fire and lava onto the stage.”

Another feature of the M 4K25 RGB that caught the attention of the Teatro Real was the small form factor of the equipment: “For us, the weight and size of the projectors are very important elements, since we have to move and hang them in different parts of the theatre, and this particular model is very light (41 kg/90 pounds) and small compared to the old projectors,” says Fernando Valiente.

He also highlights the omnidirectional capability of the equipment: “Thanks to its omnidirectional capabilities, we can place the projectors in any orientation, either vertically, horizontally, or upside down, which gives us great flexibility in the installation.”

The quiet operation of the M 4K25 RGB, which operates at 46.7 dBA in standard mode, deserves special mention: “It is one of the best features of the projector because it makes it possible to finally have projectors inside the stage, something we couldn’t do before,” says Fernando Valiente.

The Audiovisual Department at Teatro Real also valued the compatibility of the lenses of their previous Christie projectors with the new M 4K25 RGB projectors: “This was a great cost saving by reusing the entire set of lenses that we already had,” says Valiente.

In addition, these lenses feature the ILS1 intelligent lens system, which simplifies lens changing – an advantage for live shows – and offers motorized zoom, focus, and offset via remote.

The new Christie RGB pure laser projectors are allowing the Teatro Real to meet the growing demand for visuals in operas: “Artistic directors have realized that projection technology perfectly complements the set design, and in some cases, replaces part of it. This combination enriches the show and delivers a wow factor that impresses audiences,” concludes Valiente.

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