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Control Chief Corporation Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

Control Chief Corporation is announcing the year-long celebration of its 40th anniversary leading up to a company open house and dedication ceremony in June.

Control Chief Corporation began operations in 1971 with 8 people and in management’s words, “a will to succeed”. Today that will is stronger than ever with a core focus on its Customer Connected philosophy.

“This philosophy reflects our passion for building strong and trusted relationships. Providing a high level of service demonstrates we understand what is important to our customers. This understanding involves integrity, attention to detail and pride in ownership. Our focus is being connected and caring about the most critical component of our success “our customer”. Douglas Bell, CEO

Uniquely positioned in the marketplace and nearly 50 employees strong, Control Chief proudly displays itsMade-in-America symbol on products that are researched, designed, produced and sold from its headquarters in Northwestern Pennsylvania.

As a recognized leader in wireless solutions, Control Chief Corporation continues to mature and develop new technology for improving on the job performance. Safety, flexibility and efficiency are the core principles that encompass all Control Chief products. “For 40 years our system features have ranged from simple off-the-shelf solutions to custom engineered designs. This myriad of markets includes: steel, mining, aggregate, aircraft assembly, shipbuilding, grain handling and nuclear facilities to name a few.” says Brian Landries, V.P. of Sales & Marketing.

The company will be celebrating its 40th anniversary throughout 2011 with special events planned for the staff, industry and sales channel partners. To send Control Chief best wishes on this momentous milestone in the company’s history, please “like” Control Chief and post your comment on Facebook at orp

In conjunction with the 40th anniversary and as a testament to durability and rugged engineering design, Control Chief is proud to sponsor an “Oldest System in Operation” contest. The company is asking its customers that have had decades of success with their products to submit the serial number of their oldest working system. These submissions will be eligible for inspection and a possible prize of up to $5,000 in Control Chief bucks. The contest ends May 31, 2011. The contest winner will be announced at the 40thanniversary celebration to be held at the corporate headquarters on June 24, 2011. To enter a system in the contest you may contact Control Chief via email: [email protected] or call 800.233.3016.

About Control Chief Corporation

Control Chief Corporation is an industry leader in the design, manufacture and service of specialized radio and infrared remote control systems. For the past 4 decades Control Chief has provided their customers in North America and internationally with highly reliable control systems for the locomotive and material handling industries. For more information about Control Chief Corporation, visit

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Martin Palicki
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