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Chris Lange’s Creative Studio Berlin designs new concept and masterplan for Manzherok All Season Resort

Chris Lange, the owner of Creative Studio Berlin, announced that his team is developing attractions at a resort in Manzherok, Russia. “We have been challenged to create unique experiences to help our client increase domestic tourism and length of stay of their guests,” says Lange.

IPM Publisher Martin Palicki interviews Chris Lange on the design of Europa-Park’s Rulantica waterpark.

The Creative Studio Berlin team delved into the cultural and ecological history of the land to develop the new attractions and a design language that would immerse, entertain and even educate guests.

Creative Studio Berlin first created a new masterplan that included the new ideas and existing attractions and hotels. The team then developed the look of each new concept and updated existing rides and facilities.

Image courtesy of Creative Studio Berlin.

After seeing the artwork and hearing the narrative, the client is already excited. “Chris and his team have captured the spirit of the land,” says Alexey Byzov, Development Director of the Manzherok All Season Resort. “And they have created a new destination unlike any other in Russia.”

Lange and the team at Creative Studio Berlin are now beginning the next development phase on the resort. In the meantime, they started to create a concept for an FEC in one of the hotels.

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