Sunday, April 21, 2024

Utilizing Christie projectors, D3D Cinema to upgrade dome theater at Syracuse’s MOST

D3D Cinema and Christie, in partnership, announced that the Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science and Technology (MOST) in Syracuse, New York, has selected D3D to provide a generational transformation of MOST’s Giant Dome theater with the installation of a second generation (Gen 2) laser-illuminated, ultra high-resolution Laser CineDome projection system. The theater is scheduled to reopen in February 2022 after a complete renovation, including new seating, flooring, lighting and an impressive new ‘NanoSeam’ dome surface.

“The team here at MOST has been aware throughout the selection process of the importance of making the right decision, since we know the impact of this choice will travel far into our future,” said Lauren Kochian, President of MOST. “We undertook a rigorous RFP process to identify the best system fit for our needs and aspirations, and found D3D’s Laser CineDome system to be by far the superior solution — providing unparalleled technical quality, unmatched programming flexibility, and definitive support. It’s a point of pride for all of us that Syracuse will be home to the finest giant-dome cinema experience available.”

“We’re thrilled to welcome MOST into the D3D Cinema family, deepening the long partnership we’ve enjoyed through provision of giant-dome experiences from our sister company Giant Screen Films over the past two decades,” said Derek Threinen, Vice President of Business Development for D3D Cinema. “We’re honored to have been selected by MOST to collaborate on this important and exciting project, which will spark curiosity and inspire the next generation of MOST visitors through an extraordinary Giant Dome experience.”

Replacing the decades-old IMAX projection system, D3D’s Laser CineDome offers an upgrade to the viewer experience — featuring ultra-high 6K resolution via a trio of advanced Christie laser projectors, providing future-forward high frame rate capability (up to 120 frames per second). In addition to designing and installing the theater’s new LED lighting system, D3D will also upgrade the audio system with a dome-optimized surround-sound speaker array delivering over 25,000 watts of power for an immersive aural experience.

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