Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Downton Abbey: The Exhibition Takes Up Residence in New York City


Designed by Mather & Co, a global exhibition created for NBCUniversal International Studios offers visitors the first-ever fully immersive experience into the world of the global television phenomenon, Downton Abbey.

Downton Abbey: The Exhibition can now be experienced in New York City. Peering into the world of the Crawleys and those that waited on them, the experience provides a fascinating look at all aspects of the post-Edwardian period in which the multi award-winning and critically-acclaimed TV series is set.

Using cutting-edge exhibit design technology, fans get the chance to walk through Downton Abbey’s most recognisable locations. From Mrs Patmore’s hectic kitchen and the gossip-fuelled servants’ quarters to the glamorous Crawley dwellings, the exhibition puts visitors at the heart of the show providing a fully immersive experience.

Working with the award winning production team behind the TV series, Mather & Co has designed a fully immersive experience – visitors even come close to the show’s official costumes, worn by the likes of Michelle Doherty and Hugh Bonneville, as well as viewing never-before-seen content.


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The exhibition covers nine different zones where visitors can explore the key rooms in the house – some of them replicas of the original sets, others fully immersive audio visual experiences.  Visitors can explore everything from the servants’ roles to the key fashions and history from the time.

Key design points include:

The downstairs servants’ quarters sets including the servants’ hall, Carson’s pantry, the kitchen and the servants’ stairs.

State of the art holographic technology allows visitors to meet Mrs Hughes and Carson

Over 50 iconic costumes from the series

Immersive multi projection spaces recreate the library and drawing room of Downton revealing details about the family and exploring the surrounding estate. 

Over 15,000 square foot of exhibition offers an in-depth insight into the remarkable time period in which the show is set. Spanning World War I and the post-war years to the Roaring Twenties, visitors learn more about society, culture and fashion and the historical events of the era which would go on to shape the world.

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