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Germany’s first surf park to open 2023 via WhiteWater and Endless Surf

The municipality of Hallbergmoos has officially approved development plans for SURFTOWN® MUC, Germany’s first surf park. Adding on to Munich’s surf scene surrounding the world-famous Eisbach river wave, SURFTOWN MUC will offer authentic running waves that can be generated every 10 seconds for up to 180 meters, thanks an innovative surf pool technology called Endless Surf. To accompany the waves, the facility with include additional lifestyle amenities like fitness areas, food & beverage, surf & lifestyle retail, and lounge areas by the beach. The sports and leisure park in the immediate vicinity of the airport aims to appeal to all ages and surf skill levels, from professionals to newcomers. The focus is set on creating an atmosphere that promotes the fun of the sport and offers an authentic surf and lifestyle experience for everyone. Breaking ground later this year, waves are expected to be pumping by 2023.

“This project is a showcase for inland surf by bringing a world class wave to an enthusiastic local surf community in a landlocked location. The venue will become a major attraction for Munich, with breaking waves visible as planes land.” Says Baptiste Caulonque, Chief Commercial Officer of Endless Surf.

The surf capital of Germany

With a surf community that is already strong, thanks to the Eisbach wave, the addition of a world- class surf pool is no surprise. Enhancing this vibrant surf culture will only further Munich’s reputation as the surf capital of Germany and make it a novelty surf destination within Europe. The Munich surf experience will be unrivaled with both a standing wave and a surf park that will offer an almost endless variety of wave types from thrilling barrels to mellow longboard waves and everything in between.

SURFTOWN® MUC Founder, Chris Boehm-Tettelbach, met his business partners, Conrad Albert and Michi Mohr, within Munich‘s surf scene. Together, they all bundled their respective competences (development, investment, and surf) for this mega project. “With our different biographies, we complement each other perfectly,” says Boehm-Tettelbach.

Riding the green wave with SURFTOWN® MUC

Chris also notes their drive toward making the venue a more sustainable surf park. “Besides the fun of surfing, we are also united by the absolute conviction that a project like SURFTOWN® MUC can only be innovative if it is also designed to be sustainable and climate-neutral.”

Leading the charge in creating more sustainable surf parks, the Munich venue is set to source all its electricity from renewable energy sources – 80 percent from the company’s own photovoltaic systems. When it comes to the surf pool, developed by Canadian company WhiteWater, Endless Surf uses a flexible pneumatic system (using a number of pressurized air chambers) to produce wave-making energy. Because of its flexibility, based on how you sequence the chambers, you can cater usage to pool capacity and conserve energy. Another factor to consider is that Germany’s approximately 2,500,000 active surfers currently fly around the world to ride meter-high waves. In the future they will find the infrastructure to do so just outside Munich.

A new landmark attraction for the world

Located near Munich International Airport at Lilienthalstrasse 12 in Hallbergmoos, the venue will easily attract guests from all around the country and the globe. Not only will there be a unique view of surfing in Germany as you approach Munich, but above all the growing demand for sports and lifestyle experience will also be met.

“I am very pleased that we have found a location where the enthusiasm for our project is so fully shared. This is public-private partnership in the best sense” says Conrad Albert. The support and excitement from the municipality is apparent. Alexander Mademann, from the Hallbergmoos Municipality states “From the very beginning, we quickly realized what a great and future- oriented project is being driven forward here. In the future, our community will have a lighthouse project that will shine far beyond the city and state borders.”

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