Monday, July 15, 2024

eSight and Merlin Entertainments partner to craft vision-enhancing initiatives

Vision-enhancement platform, eSight, announced a new partnership with Merlin Entertainments, one of the largest attractions operators in the world. Together, the companies will provide multiple experiences for individuals with vision impairment. In addition, eSight and Merlin will work together to create more inclusive initiatives for future guests with low vision or legal blindness.

eSight and Merlin Entertainments are working together to create experiences at Merlin Entertainments’ LEGOLAND Parks, LEGOLAND Discovery Center and SEA LIFE locations. Each recipient will get a chance to use eSight 4, eSight’s latest technology, which is clinically proven to enhance sight through a combination of best-match camera and lens technology to stimulate the brain. eSight 4 allows wearers to remain mobile and is used by thousands of people with more than 20 eye conditions, including those that are congenital or common amongst children, including Stargardt’s disease, retinopathy of prematurity and optic atrophy.

eSight and Merlin Entertainments first joined forces in December 2020 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, to surprise 14-year-old Jimy Rubio, who is legally blind, with eSight 4, allowing him to see massive LEGO builds at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Dallas/Fort Worth and sharks at SEA LIFE Grapevine Aquarium. Since then, eSight and Merlin Entertainments have created VIP experiences for children at the brand-new LEGOLAND New York resort and SEA LIFE at Mall of America. The two companies plan to extend their efforts throughout other Merlin properties in North America.

Photo courtesy of eSight and Merlin Entertainments.

“This partnership allows us to make a deep impact on lives around the world. With Merlin Entertainments’ expertise, we are able to give people with visual impairments a day they’ll never forget,” said Robert Vaters, CEO of eSight. “When a child tries on eSight, a whole new world of possibility opens before their eyes. They are able to read the board at school and they are able to stay active. They can explore their world in a whole new way, allowing them to forge new paths that may not have been available before.”

Matt Jowett, Chief Corporate Officer from Merlin Entertainments, adds, “We are always looking for ways to create magical memorable experiences. This partnership gives us the ability to provide families with a gift that extends beyond a fun day at our world-class attractions. We are creating a lasting impact for children around the world and reinforcing our goal to create more inclusive experiences for everyone.”

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