Thursday, May 23, 2024

Europa-Park ready for season start

Europa-Park opens its doors for the new season tomorrow (25 March 2024).

With the Principality of Liechtenstein, the 16th themed area opens, bringing the balloon ride back with a new theming. The boats of ‘Josefina’s Magical Imperial Journey’ shine, while visitors to the Enchanted Forest cinema can learn what the Yomis have to do with Josefina. At the same time, the Dome of Dreams will be building up the anticipation for the new Croatian themed area.

With over 100 attractions and shows, everyone in the family will find something that suits them at Europa-Park. In addition, the Rulantica water world offers water fun for the whole family. And a visit can easily turn into a short break with a stay at the six park-owned 4* themed hotels or the Camp Resort.

The 16 European themed areas invite visitors on a tour of discovery with traditional-style architecture, cuisine and great attention to detail. A fun way to cool off is guaranteed at Europa-Park with ‘Fjord Rafting’ or the ‘Tyrol Log Flume’.

For visitors looking to go a little faster, the ‘blue fire Megacoaster’ provides a breath of fresh air at 100 km/h.

Following a rapid, 40-metre-high ride on the wooden rollercoaster ‘WODAN – Timburcoaster’ for the bigger visitors, little ones can play at the nearby ‘Lítill Island – Hansgrohe Water Playground’.

16th themed area Liechtenstein

With the Principality of Liechtenstein, another European country has entered the themed world of Europa-Park. The 16th European themed area is situated between Switzerland and England. The focus is the new ‘Liechtenstein Balloon Ride’, whose colourful balloons bear the names of Liechtenstein, Vaduz and Triesenberg from the Principality. The fully revised balloon ride is a classic attraction at Europa-Park, which was first opened in 1996.

The ‘Liechtenstein Square’, featuring the large coat of arms of the Principality, has been completely renewed. Additionally, visitors to the park can look forward to a miniature version of the ‘Liechtensteiner Path’, a hiking path that leads through all eleven communities of the Principality in several stages.

Magical journey

With ‘Josefina’s Magical Imperial Journey’ in the Austrian themed area, visitors can enjoy the first rays of sunshine on a boat ride.

Empress Josefina takes visitors on a journey through her empire. But just who are these little green trolls that up to mischief everywhere? The mythical creatures, already well-known from the ‘Magic World of Diamonds’ and ‘Josefina’s Magical Imperial Journey’, now enter the Fairytale Forest cinema at ‘Grimm’s Fairytale Forest’. The film ‘Fina & the Yomis’ covers everything from the Austria themed area as well as providing answers as to who the Yomis are, and what they have to do with Empress Josefina. The Fairytale Forest cinema is be specially redesigned for this adventure film, being equipped with interactive elements and new cinema technology to make the story of the Yomis even more exciting.

Nikola Tesla’s Beautiful Croatia

The new 360-degree film in the Dome of Dreams is one of many ways to look forward to the Croatian themed area. In ‘Nikola Tesla’s Beautiful Croatia’, the audience accompanies visionary Nikola Tesla in in the late 19th century as he works on his groundbreaking electricity experiments, as well as joining him to explore the sights of his native Croatia. The journey of discovery begins in the middle of his laboratory: The scientist’s revolutionary invention allows for a completely new mode of locomotion, allowing visitors to explore the most beautiful places of Croatia in an unprecedented way.

In the waiting area of Dome of Dreams, visitors can view an exhibition that provides exciting glimpses of the new, action-packed rollercoaster as well as an overview of significant Croatian personalities and their outstanding achievements.

Spectacular range of shows

Show lovers will once again find everything they’re after his year. In the new show ‘Surpr’Ice presents GalaXia’, the ice skaters not only glide over the mirror-smooth surface during their inspiring and grandiose performance, but also, for the first time in the history of Europa-Park, amaze the audience with LED lighting in their costumes.

The LED choreography adapts to the scenery of the show and varies depending on the performance. The new edition of ‘Ed’s Adventure Parade’, with its elaborately designed floats and costumes, is one of the daily highlights at Europa-Park. The gripping spectacle ‘The Return of the Sultan’ amazes audiences with brilliant stunts on horseback. There is also sure to be amazing magic at the ‘SECRET – The Illusion Show’ with Vincent Vignaud in the Europa-Park Teatro, while daring jumps will surprise visitors from May 27 to September 3 at the High Diving Show ‘Retorno dos Piratas’.

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