Sunday, April 14, 2024

North Carolina’s Extravaganza Arcade transitions from coin-based to RFID with Parafait

Extravaganza Arcade has recently modernized its facility from being a coin-operated game room to featuring the latest technology in arcade gaming. Located in the Greenville Mall, Extravaganza Arcade now uses Semnox’s Parafait suite of solutions to help better manage and automate key processes while offering a better user experience for its guests.

Until recently, McKeith Myrick, Extravaganza’s owner and operator, ran the arcade the old-school way with coin-operated and ticket redemption games. Since investing in a new Semnox’s Parafait POS system and redemption management, tap-to-play LUMIN and EDGE RFID readers, and Parafait’s KLASSIC self-service Kiosk, its entire operation and customer service have improved.

“During busy days when you have coin and ticket jams, it just made things stressful,” says Myrick. “Having a card system eliminates that and also makes the customer have a better experience overall.”

“The POS system is very user-friendly,” explains Myrick. “The reader design is nice and colorful, and I loved the fact they were already using RFID technology which saves on the magstripe being worn out from the other companies’ readers. The other important factor, which was a major part of my decision, was the customer service from the Semnox sales representatives and the support team.”

Extravaganza customer service has also improved from transitioning to the Parafait self-service kiosk and RFID readers because they are easy to use, offer up-selling features, and reduce lines at the ticket counter. Customers can also purchase RFID arcade cards from the self-service kiosk, check account balances and recharge accounts, too, with maximum efficiency and minimal involvement from staff.

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