Sunday, April 14, 2024

FEC group GameTime rolls out Semnox redemption prize kiosks

Gametime – a group of indoor family entertainment centers located throughout Florida featuring large arcades, a full bar, restaurants, and meeting space – has launched Semnox self-service redemption kiosks at two of its venues. 

Allowing customers to redeem their game tickets easily and efficiently for prizes, the redemption kiosks are integrated with Semnox’s award-winning RFID card system, which offers customers the convenience of using a single card for both gameplay and prize redemption.

“We had a positive shift in guest behavior when we implemented the self-service kiosks for game card purchases, so adding the redemption kiosks just made sense,” explained Mike Abecassis, the owner and operator of GameTime. “About 55% of redemptions have moved to the redemption kiosks, which removes the selection process and cuts back on staffing. We were able to really impact not only labor but the guest experience because it’s a better self-driven experience.”

Gametime plans to roll out the self-service redemption kiosks to all six of its Florida-based entertainment venues and has integrated it with Semnox’s Parafait Venue Management System, which allows venue operators to easily manage their multi-unit operations, including the arcade and redemption games, food and beverage sales, and other entertainment activities.

“The experience with Semnox has been stellar. We’re coming up on five years of our partnership,” said Mike.  “Our software and hardware are 100% Semnox. Other industry POS systems just didn’t have the complexity in their operations that we have, and Semnox was able to take on those complexities and work through the challenges of growing the software to give us the desired outcome we have today, and tomorrow’s outlook looks even better.”

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