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Filmmaster Events Brings New Direction to Genoa Aquarium For its 25th Anniversary

Geneva, Switzerland (March 23, 2016) — Filmmaster Events, with the artistic direction of Alfredo Accatino, developed the renovation process of Genoa Aquarium, the biggest In Europe, creating a format based on experiencing and entertainment.

The agency, which will be working on Rio 2016 Olympic Ceremonies, developed the concept, called “The aquarium is a ship travelling through the world seas”, and the contents. The result is an enchanting experience focused on edutainment.

Filmmaster Events created new interactive installations, reorganized the sound & light design and the scenography and re-named the tanks. It was a great challenge for one of the most important aquariums of the world, which reinvented itself to become one of the top destinations of next summer.

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The aquarium underwent several changes. In the Sala Blu, the first room seen by visitors, Filmmaster Events installed a spectacular video mapping showing the entire itinerary using a captivating storytelling. Other installations will be present at the Eels tank, the Penguins Area and the Jellyfish tank.

The hi-tech part of the aquarium will be upgraded with interactive stations, especially developed for the aquarium. Filmmaster Events developed the creativity of the new App which will be launched during the anniversary celebrations.

This project strengthens Filmmaster Events’ leadership in the industry of entertainment and of the creation of artistic, scientific and cultural contents. It also underlines the high diversification of its activities.


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