Thursday, November 30, 2023

Fisher Brothers and AREA15 collaborate to repurpose 747 aircraft in Las Vegas

In collaboration with AREA15, the immersive art, event and entertainment district in Las Vegas, Fisher Brothers, a fourth-generation real estate owner and operator with significant holdings in Las Vegas, announced its acquisition of a Boeing 747 jumbo jet. The iconic structure was recently constructed as a large-scale art installation for Burning Man festival by artist Ken Feldman of Big Imagination. When it appeared in the Black Rock desert in 2016 it was widely regarded as one of the most ambitious art installations ever due to the sheer size and scope of the structure.

Consistent with the bold and creative character of AREA15, Fisher Brothers’ first foray into Las Vegas art and culture, the 747 jet will deliver an exciting and unique adaptive reuse asset to the experiential art and entertainment district. When fully assembled on site, the jet will be 150 feet long and 60 feet wide.

“We are incredibly excited about the immeasurable creative opportunities that come with repurposing this 747 jet. The possibilities of what we can accomplish with this purchase are endless, and we look forward to sharing more as our vision takes shape,” said Winston Fisher, Partner, Fisher Brothers and Chief Executive Officer, AREA15. “The acquisition and remodeling of this plane closely follows our mission at AREA15 of building an emotional connection for visitors through art, entertainment and experiences.”

The aircraft, which once served as a passenger jet in Brazil, will soon serve as Las Vegas’ newest destination. Tony Hsieh, who invested $350 million into Downtown Las Vegas, was the first to bring large-scale Burning Man art into the city. This has inspired others to do the same, and one of the reasons the previous owners brought the plane to Las Vegas in 2020.

“I am eager to watch the creative vision behind this incredible asset take shape,” said Olivia Diaz, Ward 3 City Councilwoman. “The 747 has a rich history of pushing artistic boundaries in Nevada, and we are pleased to welcome its next iteration to Las Vegas. The aircraft will surely be a new landmark for our city.”

This purchase builds on Fisher Brothers’ growing activity in Las Vegas. In November 2021, Fisher Brothers announced the completion of a neighborhood improvement project on the apartment buildings just west of the Las Vegas Strip and Interstate 15 on Wyandotte Street and Kings Way, delivering 18 thoughtfully curated, graphic-style murals depicting desert animals, plants and bright colors.

In 2018, Fisher Brothers announced AREA15 as the flagship destination on the 80 acres of frontage along the I-15 interstate that the development firm acquired in 2006. The immersive entertainment complex, offering live events, immersive art and experience, and unique food and drinks, opened to the public in September 2020 and has welcomed over 2 million visitors in the first year. In March of 2022, AREA15 announced plans to expand and open a second location in Orlando, Florida.

Currently, the aircraft sits at the Las Vegas Speedway where it will be temporarily stored until further notice. Plans are being finalized for the final landing place for the plane.

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