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Five Day Festival at Tivoli to Celebrate Classic Fireworks

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Copenhagen, Denmark (December 20, 2011) — Over five days between Christmas and New Year, Tivoli in Copenhagen will treat its visitors to a Fireworks Festival launching 2,300 stars, 1,600 bombettes, 1,000 aerial shells and 120 Roman candles. This year, the theme will be a tribute to classic firework displays with huge aerial wheels, Roman candles and coloured starbursts filling the sky. The five shows will all culminate in bombardments featuring “an abundance of powder, crackle and reports, and aerial shells 100 metres up in the air”. All this will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, at 8.45 pm each night between December 26 and December 30.  

After a number of years of current music hits accompanying Roman candles and comet effects in the sky, the classic firework display is back in the lead role. The fireworks designer has challenged himself “to set new standards for amazing crackle and reports, powder and colour combinations leaving even the most ambitious New Year’s party green with envy.”

All shows will start with an intro of classic fireworks merging into the special firework element of the day and finishing with a bombardment. It starts on December 26 with a colour explosion of aerial wheels and farfalle shells of silver whirls. It is followed in rapid succession by everything from colourful long-burning palm-shell stars to classic crossettes breaking apart into several stars in the sky. The last day of the Festival closes with a classic firework display mixing aerial wheels, Roman candles and dahlia shells. This marks the sixth year in a row the Fireworks Festival in Tivoli will be held between Christmas and New Year.

Programme for the Fireworks Festival in Tivoli:

  • Dec 26: The Festival is launched with aerial wheels and farfalle shells.
  • Dec 27: Solo display of Roman candles and palm shells.
  • Dec 28: Mines (”Pots a feu”) expelling stars like pellets and brocade shells of unfolding gold stars.
  • Dec 29: Crossette stars rising into the sky at high speed and flowering dahlia combinations.
  • Dec 30: Extended New Year’s firework display mixing the four classic elements above.

All shows start at 8.45 pm with an intro of classic fireworks and close with a bombardment. 

This year marks the 18th Christmas in Tivoli, featuring a Russian theme featuring a Tivoli version of Saint Basil’s Cathedral, known from the Kremlin in Moscow’s Red Square. The new 2,000 m2 Russian village and the Cathedral with its 21 m tower, striped onion domes and crisp frost light are located in front of the Open Air Stage and surrounded by traditional Danish Christmas stalls and decorations. The Russian theme is inspired by the building style of the Czarist days with opulent onion domes, towers and precious carillons. In addition, ”Titanic – The Exhibition,” which offers an insight into a number of the people who were on board the famous ship when it sank in 1912, will remain open through December 30.

Each evening 80 – 130 kilo pure powder is let off from the roof of the Concert Hall. The pyrotechnist, Gunnar B. Knudsen, 47, is from Holstebro and the winner of a gold medal at the Fireworks Festival in St. Brevin, France. Safety, environment, entertainment and quality are his four main priorities. He has been in charge of many firework assignments over the years, including the firework displays at Fredensborg for Henrik, HRH The Prince Consort on, his 70th and 75th birthdays.

Since Georg Carstensen opened the gates of Tivoli in Copenhagen to visitors in 1843, the Gardens have become a top amusement park featuring the Tivoli Boys Guard, 26 rides, playgrounds, booths, restaurants, special days and concerts. At 167 years of age, Tivoli is among the world’s oldest amusement parks, and its traditions and constant improvements make it a popular excursion spot for many visitors. Tivoli has about 4 million visitors every year, and 2010 saw the opening of the Tivoli Hotel, the first theme hotel in Copenhagen.

Joe Kleiman
Joe Kleiman
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