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Furuvik gets new Vekoma launch coaster

Furuvik – a theme park with a zoo, amusement park, adventure pool and concert venue situated outside of Gävle, Sweden – has a new ride. Lightning is a Vekoma launch coaster which accelerates right from the start and reaches a top speed of up to 75 km/h in just three seconds. What’s more, it takes riders on no less than two laps. After the first lap riders glide through the station, where they would normally disembark, but instead are sent on one more round with the same acceleration.

“We are thrilled to finally have this ride in place and ready for our guests, whom we have been eagerly anticipating. It’s incredibly exciting, and I’m confident it will be loved by both young and old,” said Sandra Wilke, CEO at Furuvik.

“Lightning is a massive investment and without doubt the biggest attraction in Furuvik’s history. It’s really cool that Furuvik now has its own launch coaster; a gigantic roller coaster that takes off at the speed of lightning right from the start” said Peter Osbeck, Senior Ride Manager at Parks and Resorts.


Premiere: June 3, 2023
Tallest point: 16,4 meters
Top speed: 75 km/h
Max acceleration: 2,8 G
Total length: 2 x 430 metres (the coaste runs two laps)
Height requirement: 100 cm if accompanied by an adult, otherwise 120 cm.
Capacity: 20 persons (one train often coaches with two seats per coach).
Attraction type: Launch coaster
Location: Tivoli area
Manufacturer: Vekoma
Campaign film:

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