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Geoff Chutter Celebrates 30 Years of Whitewater

Whitewater West’s CEO Helped Build Company After Life as an Accountant

Geoff Chutter is a man of many hats. He wears the hat of President & CEO of WhiteWater West Industries, the global leader in waterpark design, engineering, manufacturing and installation and wears the hat of deal negotiator. He’s still integral to the day-to-day operations of the company and still gets excited every time a new product is introduced to the market. Outside of the office, Geoff has worn the hat of an enthusiastic political participant in Canada’s political scene for almost 20 years, and he also wears the hat of happy husband and father. He’s a busy guy and he is very proud of his and WhiteWater’s journey to success over the past 30 years.

Geoff’s curiosity and tenacity launched him into the waterpark industry 30 years ago. Professionally educated and working as a Chartered Accountant, Geoff visited Canada’s first waterpark in development and saw an amazing opportunity in the marketplace. This visit led him to a considerable change of course from Geoff Chutter, CA to Geoff Chutter, start-up entrepreneur and founder of The Waterpark Company.

WhiteWater started business on December 15th, 1980 building its own waterpark in Penticton, Canada. “I saw an opportunity”, recalls Chutter. “Thirty years later, WhiteWater is the global waterpark company. We’re very proud of how far the company has come. We now have 450 employees across the globe, 15 offices and over 4000 projects completed”.

Today, WhiteWater has the most diverse mix of products and services in the waterpark industry,thanks to its dedication to constant innovation and cultivation of strategic partnerships. In 2011 alone, WhiteWater has introduced more than 10 innovative products including the recent openings of the ConstrictorTM and the Family PythonTM.

Other notable feats for Geoff and WhiteWater over the past 30 years include being chosen this year as “World’s Greatest…!” Creator, Builder and Designer of Waterpark Attractions, being inducted into WWA’s Hall of Fame in 2000 and winning WWA’s Industry Innovation Award for the AquaLoopTM.

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Martin Palicki
Martin Palicki
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