Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Great Wolf Lodge Maryland to boast brand’s largest indoor waterpark to date

The all-new Great Wolf Lodge Maryland‘s indoor waterpark will be the largest Great Wolf Lodge has ever built. The waterpark at Great Wolf Lodge Maryland will offer more than 128,000 square feet of enclosed slides, pools and water play for all ages, and a cozy 84-degree temperature year-round.

The indoor waterpark will feature nearly two dozen different water slides, catering to a variety of ages and thrill levels. The lineup of waterpark experiences coming to Great Wolf Lodge Maryland includes two rides making their Great Wolf Lodge debut, High Paw Holler and Forest Flume:

  • High Paw Holler: This body slide mimics the sensation felt racing down a ski slope. Riders surge through a dark tunnel and rocket onto a saucer, accelerating before experiencing a “drop and dive” sensation as they race along the outer wall. The slide continues with some twists and turns before splashing down into water-filled runout.
  • Forest Flume: This body slide accelerates riders through open flumes into back-to-back turns, 360 loops, and high-banking loops. The twisty curves and quick acceleration provide an exhilarating ride from top to bottom. Stretching nearly 275-feet, this is the longest Twister slide that slide manufacturer ProSlide has installed in the state of Maryland.

Additional waterpark attractions include:

  • Otter Cave Waterworks: Great Wolf Lodge’s signature, multi-level water play structure featuring suspension bridges, slides and spray stations. Atop Otter Cave Waterworks sits a massive, 1,000-gallon tipping bucket that pours out every three-to-four minutes. Attached to the play structure are six water slides, including four twisting body slides that originate from the top of the structure and two at a lower level designed for a more leisurely ride.
  • Chesapeake Plunge: This raft ride takes guests on a twisting, gliding adventure. Chesapeake Plunge sends riders careening through dipping, bending curves of a river.
  • Wolf Tail: Guests step into a launch pod and listen to the rhythmic sound of a heartbeat as they wait for the floor to drop out from underneath, hurling them into a nearly vertical, 20-foot free fall, followed immediately by two 360-degree, high-speed loops.
  • Rapid Racer: Riders begin the race side-by-side and then speed down a course featuring drops, chutes and serpentine curves. As riders wind their way down, they encounter two sections of the course where they find themselves side-by-side with their competitor with only a low wall separating racers.
  • River Canyon Run: A rollicking family raft ride that sends up to five riders on a white-water adventure into a saucer and down one of the park’s longest slides.
  • Otter Run: A body slide with sloping straightaways and quick turns that provides an exhilarating experience.
  • Slap Tail Pond: The audio cue of a howling wolf brings this gigantic wave pool to life with waves reaching up to three feet in height. The active surf rolls through every five minutes.
  • Crooked Creek: A reprieve from the more active attractions in the waterpark, guests can relax and float on tubes down this winding lazy river in the middle of the park.
  • Chinook Cove: Activity pool featuring basketball hoops, floating obstacles, and other action-oriented elements for children.
  • Big Foot Pass: Unique water obstacle challenge where kids and adults alike balance on floating logs and lily pads while traversing the pool. Cargo netting hangs down to help guests cross from one side to the other.
  • Whooping Hollow: A special section of the waterpark designed exclusively for toddlers and younger guests. This play pool is filled with water slides featuring gentle slopes and tiny turns, making them the go-to attractions for the “under 42 inches” set.

The resort will also feature an outdoor zero-entry pool and hot tub surrounded by outdoor cabanas so families can relax and enjoy the Mid-Atlantic summer weather.

Great Wolf Lodge Maryland is situated on 48 acres on the western edge of Cecil County, providing families from Baltimore, Philadelphia, Wilmington and the Washington D.C. area with a convenient and fun-filled family getaway.

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