Friday, April 19, 2024

Hero Zone add two new games to its VR platform

Hero Zone announced the addition of two brand new, exclusive game titles to the Hero Zone VR platform: Cook’d Up! and Escape Quest: Espionage Express.

“Hero Zone knows that there are all kinds of potential players with different tastes and we’re excited to offer a range of content that caters to a variety of age groups and skill levels,” said Sebastian Malavasi, CEO of Hero Zone. “Cook’d Up! and Escape Quest: Espionage Express are wildly different in terms of genre and play style, and while both are non-violent, they fit the Hero Zone mission to deliver accessible, fun social VR experiences for all players and location types.”

Cook’d Up! is a collaborative burger joint kitchen simulation that challenges up to four players to work together to prepare and serve delicious burgers before customers get angry. Cook’d Up! is a social, team-building simulation game designed to be engaging, non-violent, and fun for all players, regardless of age or experience level. Cook’d Up! was developed by Knucklehead Studios, best known for the Cops vs Robbers VR title and is only available at Hero Zone locations around the world.

In Escape Quest: Espionage Express, as many as six players put their problem-solving and creative skills to the test while working together to escape a hacked train, catch the elusive Dr. Montgomery, and solve challenging puzzles along the way. Developed exclusively for Hero Zone, Escape Quest: Espionage Express is an action-packed adventure that requires cleverness and teamwork to reach the goal.

These titles mark the sixth and seventh additions to Hero Zone’s growing catalog of VR experiences designed to entertain, challenge, and connect players of all backgrounds.

Both Cook’d Up! and Escape Quest: Espionage Express will be available to play at Hero Zone locations in April.

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