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Holiday World amusement park expansion: $9M Mammoth water coaster in 2012. Designer: ProSlide (includes video)

Photo: Holiday World

8/3/11, SANTA CLAUS, Indiana, USA—–The largest single-ride investment in Holiday World’s history is announced today: Billed as “The World’s Longest Water Coaster” the new $9 million Mammoth will open in Splashin’ Safari next May. The designer of Mammoth is ProSlide Technology (see fact sheet and video below).

“We added Wildebeest water coaster last year and it was a runaway hit,” says park president Dan Koch. “So we asked our designers for something even bigger. It’s so huge, we’re calling it Mammoth.”

Located east of Wildebeest, Mammoth will begin with a conveyor ride up the water coaster’s lifthill. Following the five-story drop at a 45-degree angle, linear induction motors (LIMs) will propel the six-person round boats up additional hills, into dark enclosed sections and through twists and turns. Mammoth will cover three acres, increasing the water park’s size to 30 acres.

“The new twist to this water coaster is the six-passenger boats—this is a brand-new design,” says Koch. “These round boats add tremendous capacity, plus riders may be facing forward, backward or even sideways. It’s all the fun of Wildebeest, plus Mammoth is taller, longer and wider. Starting next season we’ll have the two longest water coasters on the planet!”

Mammoth’s tallest elevation is 69 feet higher than its lowest drop. The conveyor-style lifthill replaces any slide-tower stairs, making the water coaster accessible to riders who might have difficulty walking up stairs.

Today’s announcement, on the 65th anniversary of the park’s opening as Santa Claus Land, marks the largest single-ride investment in the park’s history. Koch says the price tag for Mammoth is $9 million. In addition, Koch announced that the park’s 2012 season will be extended to include a family-friendly event called Holiday World’s Happy Halloween Weekends throughout the month of October.

Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari are open daily through August 16 and most weekends through October 9. For more information and to view Mammoth animation videos, visit the parks’ website at or call 1-877-463-2645.

MAMMOTH Fact Sheet

DESCRIPTION: Mammoth will be the World’s Longest Water Coaster when it opens in May 2012. Using HydroMagnetic technology, the six-person boats will fly up a series of hills utilizing linear induction motors (LIMs). The water coaster begins with a 300-foot conveyor ride “lifthill,” followed by a five-story drop at a 45-degree angle. The drenching ride includes a total of six drops, adding up to 282 feet of total “drop.” Mammoth’s length is the greatest of any water coaster in the world: 1,763 feet, a third of a mile.

FEATURES: Located in Splashin’ Safari, Mammoth begins with a conveyor ride up the water coaster’s lifthill. Following the 53-foot drop at a 45-degree angle, linear induction motors (LIMs) propel the six-person round boats up five additional hills, through five enclosed sections and around twists and turns.

TECHNOLOGY: HydroMagnetic technology utilizes LIMs to propel Mammoth’s boats up the water coaster’s hills. An alternating magnetic field beneath the slide surface propels the
boats, pushing them rapidly and smoothly uphill. LIM technology is a popular feature in some steel roller coasters.

WORLD RECORD LENGTH: Mammoth’s length is 1,763 feet (1/3 of a mile), making it the World’s Longest Water Coaster. (The park’s Wildebeest water coaster will fall to the #2 position when Mammoth opens.)

RIDE LENGTH: 1,753 feet, the World’s Longest Water Coaster.

DROPS/ANGLES: The first drop is 53 feet, at a 45-degree angle. Together with five additional drops, combined length of the “drops” is 282 feet.

RIDE HEIGHT: Mammoth is 69 feet tall, from the lowest to the highest heights.

SPEED: To be determined during Spring 2012 testing.

RIDE TIME: To be determined during Spring 2012 testing.


FOOTPRINT: Mammoth covers approximately three acres in Splashin’ Safari.

RAFTS: 10 six-passenger round boats with individual seatbacks.

STAIRS: None! Riders begin at ground level and ride up a conveyor.

CAPACITY/HEIGHT LIMIT: 1,080 Guests per hour. Riders must be at least 42 inches tall to ride and 48 inches tall to ride without an adult. Weight limit is 1,080 pounds per boat.

INVESTMENT: $9 million, the largest ride project in Holiday World’s 65-year history.

RIDE DESIGNER: ProSlide Technology Inc., Ontario, Canada.

Judith Rubin
Judith Rubin
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