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IAAPA Expo 2021 Preview: What to Expect on the Show Floor (Part 3)

Starting on November 16, the trade show floor opens up for IAAPA Expo 2021, taking place at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. In this preview, Walltopia has physical and digital offerings on showcase, Semnox displays their contactless and personal device offerings, and Adventure Golf & Sports delivers variety to miniature golf designs.

Walltopia – Booth #4017

Walltopia will be showing off several products from physical to digital.

Walltopia created Elevated Playgrounds, a new range of active entertainment products for even the youngest kids. Building on Walltopia’s experience in climbing and height-focused attractions, these playgrounds are appealing to children and high above the ground to add excitement.

Parkour Tracks represents tracks strewn with a variety of blocks, walls and bars designed to mirror the different obstacles found in urban areas. To overcome those obstacles, participants use their whole body and a range of techniques to reach the finish line in the quickest time or to show off their style and creativity.

Product Configurator is a newly developed digital tool for Ropes Courses and the Rollglider. As part of Walltopia’s constant effort to empower and support their clients to make their dream projects come to life, it eliminates the need for travel in the initial stages of projects, making the process faster, cheaper and much easier for both sides. Visitors will be able to configure their projects on the kiosk at the Walltopia booth and get a quote on the spot.

Techtopia, a daughter company of Walltopia, complements their wide range of Аctive entertainment products with the option to gamify the experience.

Image courtesy of Walltopia.

Jump&Run combines a dual-line racing Rollglider track with obstacles inspired by adventure courses. The ultimate goal is for every participant to get a taste of what it’s like to be a real-life video game hero. The Rollglider combines free-falling with the feeling of flying for a thrilling aerial experience. The dual-line allows for a shared pulse-spiking experience that has no-analog in the Amusement industry.

Semnox – Booth #412

Semnox will have an exclusive display of solutions for parks and FECs in its booth with kiosks, tablets, locks, POS and more.

Radian Time Keeping Wristbands: RFID-enabled glow-with-vibrate notification device for automated and accurate time keeping. Ideal for attractions, check-in/out facilities, and timed game plays.

The LuminOS readers: This Linux-based reader comes with the ability to play videos and pull a variety of digital content from the server over-the-air. The LuminOS has complex functionalities like Multi-Gameplay and Repeat Play — which allows guests to play again without having to tap the card. Guests can choose to simply place the card in the slot and keep playing. The reader prompts for balance deduction if the card is in the slot.

Smart Fun App (Android and iOS): Cut down on queues and waiting times and allow for purchase of new cards, balance checks, card recharges, linking existing cards to the account, checking gameplay and past activity and more in the app.

Adventure Golf & Sports – Booth #4867

“New technology has been the driver of more than twenty products offered by our company,” according to Arne Lundmark CEO and Chief Designer.

AGS will introduce other new products including Bunkers & Bumps at their trade show booth, including: RailShot — a new miniature golf concept permitting changeable shapes; and 360GOLF — a new high-tech mini-golf interactive game using a new-tech ball and sensors throughout the course to create automatic scoring and an immersive game experience with sound and lighting effects.

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