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Innovative FOTO provides Denver Zoo guests cost effective photo experience

Starting in 2017, the Denver Zoo has accumulated three of Innovative FOTO’s Outdoor NEO photo booths throughout the park to help guests’ capture memories. Each booth is uniquely branded and offers guests eight custom background options with some of guests’ favorite animals found in the park. 

Innovative FOTO’s Outdoor NEO is a customizable, self-service outdoor photo booth designed to resist fading and other weather-related damage. Manufactured and customized with DNP’s dye-sublimation photo printers, the Outdoor NEO creates a unique photo experience for guests without the need for additional labor.

Image courtesy of Innovative Foto.

“I proposed adding photo booths to the park because it is important to implement different experiences at the zoo that will fit anyone’s budget. While we have some awesome, more expensive animal feeding options and attractions, it is great to have options such as the carousel or photo booths that almost anyone can afford and enjoy,” said Leslie Chenaille, Director of Operations, Denver Zoo.

“A photo booth is something so familiar and exciting to our guests. One thing that I really like about them is that they require minimal management on our end,” said Chenaille. “People recognize them and become excited to take a photo, print it and carry it home with them as a souvenir and long-lasting reminder of their day. It is a great, easy service to add that guests are comfortable using alone without staff assistance.”

Image courtesy of Innovative Foto.

Each booth produces high-quality, long-lasting photo memories using DNP’s dye-sublimation printing technology. DNP photo printers produce images that dry instantly, leaving photos smudge-free and immediately ready for customers to take back home with them.

“Whenever I walk by one of our photo booths, I see a lot of excitement coming from them with families and friends squeezing together inside and laughing together as they snap their photos,” said Chenaille. “Photo booths create an individualized experience and a beautiful, unique photo souvenir that guests really appreciate while bringing in the park more additional revenue than anticipated — a win-win for both the zoo and our guests.”

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