Monday, October 2, 2023

Jora Vision completes first stage of masterplan for Finland’s Särkänniemi

Leading creative company Jora Vision is celebrating the opening of Piggy Town: a freshly themed land in Finnish theme park Särkänniemi. This themed land, called Kärsänniemi, houses the well-loved park mascot “Pouta Possu” (Pouta Pig), and is a first step in the multi-year realization of the new masterplan that Jora Vision and Särkänniemi developed together in 2022.

The playful Pouta Pig has been the mascot of the Finnish Särkänniemi park for many years. Countless Finnish children have experienced their first ever ride on Pouta’s little piggy train. With the opening of Piggy Town the mascot gets not just a little house, but a whole themed land.

Pouta brings a lively club of friends along: Kajo Rabbit, Myrsky Mole, Leimu Bat and Lauha Lamb. This month they all settled in Kärsänniemi: Pouta’s new colourful home turf in Särkänniemi. Even though the most un-Finnish person gets the wordplay, don’t be confused if you are visiting Pouta. Särkänniemi is the park, Kärsänniemi is where you’ll find the friendly pig.

The revived area of Pouta’s town covers the re-theming and experience upgrade of the former Angry Birds Land. It’s packed to the brim with classic rides such as the Oldtimer Ride, Red Baron, Jump Around, Rocking Tug, Tivoli Coaster, Magic Bikes, Drop Tower and Pouta’s noteworthy train. The characteristic Oldtimer Ride is rethemed as a postal delivery ride and the key-ride in the area. Kärsänniemi is a first step in the masterplan that Jora Vision developed with Särkänniemi.

Masterplan: from amusement park to theme park

Särkänniemi approached Jora Vision in 2022 to assist in the development of a new masterplan. Operating since 1973, the second theme park in Finland, wanted to evolve from a loved amusement park to a true theme park. Since Jora Vision has extensive experience in both retheming and masterplanning, this was a perfect fit. Jora immediately set out to create a plan.

The heritage of the municipality owned park, combined with the creative minds of Jora Vision, led to a novel approach towards theming. Starting at the desire to bring to the limelight that the park is the world’s center of joy, a complete overhaul of the park was conceived. This masterplan is the guidebook for the massive theming that is to come and loaded with original themes and stories. Piggy Town is just the first chapter. If you are curious about the rest of the story, please follow Särkänniemi closely, as they will surely unveil the plans sometime soon.

Just the start of the journey

The collaboration between Jora Vision and Särkänniemi has much more in store with upcoming new themed zones and exciting new future rides and experiences.

Robin van der Want, project development director at Jora Vision said: “This collaboration builds on both Jora Vision’s strengths and the one-of-a-kind vision of Särkänniemi. It’s a creative pleasure to use our experience to lend a hand in Särkänniemi’s evolution. We are certain that our partnership will result in many new experiences for guests to enjoy.” 

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