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Just Add Power: Driven to success

Just Add Power’s video over IP platform shifts Savoy Automobile Museum into high gear

by Ed Qualls, CEO, Just Add Power

Savoy Automobile Museum in Cartersville, Georgia is a world-class museum and showground that sits on approximately 37 acres and showcases an assortment of automobiles. A unique, popular option for visitors is the ability to look under the hood of cars of different makes, models, and eras via a cutting-edge AV system. Rounding out this world-class museum and learning experience are an assortment of displays and videowalls throughout the massive venue, with Just Add Power’s video over IP platform in the driver’s seat.

The challenge

The automobiles themselves are the main attraction in the 65,000-square-foot facility – which features four temporary exhibition galleries, a 297-seat theater, research library, cafe, and two private dining rooms. Supported and complementing the autos and various spaces is an extensive AV system, which called for a high attention to detail. There are 50 LG displays throughout, including an LED video wall in the Great Hall and marquee, and a massive 16’x20’ video wall in the theater.

The Savoy creators wanted a flexible distribution system that would allow staff to distribute any video source to any screen, with the touch of a button on iPads running the Crestron Go control app. There was no shortage of sources either, with a multitude of cameras in each of the galleries and the theater, laptop wall inputs in the dining rooms, LG webOS digital signage players, and Blu-ray players. This would require a flexible IP-based video distribution, capable of distributing any source up to 4K and UHD resolution, with ultra-low latency to any screen in the network, whether it was a standalone display or one of the many videowalls throughout the museum.

The solution

Just Add Power fulfilled all the requirements of the Savoy Automobile Museum by offering a modular and scalable video over IP distribution solution. Just Add Power’s devices ensure low-latency transmission of 4K and UHD video to any display across the museum’s network. The system employs Just Add Power transmitters and receivers, which were configured across seven Luxul XMS-7048P switches, utilizing the museum’s Cat-6 network infrastructure.

To distribute the range of sources at the museum, 18 3G+ 767DSS transmitters were installed. The 767DSS allows input up to eight audio channels from the Just Add Power system for playout on Dante-enabled and AES67 devices, and extracts up to eight channels from the audio network for playout across the system. This proved an ideal solution, since the museum is heavy on live audio, using several Audix wireless mics to conduct tours and presentations. Additionally, two 717WP2 wall plate transmitters were installed in each dining room, enabling users to share laptop content on any screen in the building.

Each screen in the system is equipped with a Just Add Power 509POE receiver, capable of processing Ultra HD and 4K video over a single Cat-x cable. The 509 POE features an onboard pass-through network port, so that any PoE device can be connected; a network soundbar, IP TV control, or a single display location can be expanded into a video wall. The receiver also easily expands the number of PoE devices that can be added to the system by connecting a PoE switch to the port. This provides greater network flexibility that isn’t restricted by the number of cable runs permitted; when the Savoy wants to add onto their AV experience, the system can be expanded quickly and easily. The dining room also employs four Just Add Power 518AVP receivers, featuring adjustable delay and stereo audio output via a 3.5mm port, allowing audio to be extracted and sent to any display.

The entire system was configured using Just Add Power’s AMP software, which is designed to simplify the setup process for network switches and for individual Just Add Power devices. It discovers the switches and the individual devices on the network, presents them in a list, and allows installers to name them, configure their IP addresses, and assign channels to transmitters – while assisting with updates when new firmware is released.


Using Just Add Power, integrator Data & Sound Specialities was able to drive a 4K video over IP system worthy of the Savoy caliber. With a tap of a button on iPads running the Creston Go app or wall controller, staff can select any source for any screen with zero visible lag, scaled to fit the display or videowall, whether it’s a live camera and mic feed for live presentations in the galleries or theater or to push media from their media sources. Jim Sharkey, CTS-D/I, RCDD, Data & Sound Specialities, said, “The quality, flexibility, scalability, and reliability are all baked into the Just Add Power system – just what you want in a video over IP system that is future-proof.” •

Edwin “Ed” O. Qualls

Ed Qualls is the CEO of Just Add Power. The company is headquartered in Seminole, Florida. For more information, visit

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