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Lagotronics Projects supplying interactives and media for The Chocolate Factory edutainment center

A completely new edutainment center is currently being realized in the Netherlands, called “The Chocolate Factory” (TCF). Here visitors discover the world of food tech in a unique and special way. “The Chocolate Factory” (TCF) combines state-of-the-art technology in an industrial environment. It is a unique collaboration between education and business, supported by the Dutch government.

The Chocolate Factory will be housed in a towering factory of over thirty meters, where visitors will have the opportunity to create their own chocolate products. Using state-of-the-art machines and digital devices, visitors will experience the thrill of being a factory operator and learn how to manage the production process. The Chocolate Factory offers a multisensory adventure, where visitors will be challenged to complete missions at different levels of the factory, and be rewarded with their own customized chocolate food bar and sprinkles to take home.

The Chocolate Factory showcases the latest technology in food production, from the design and operation of cutting-edge machines to the maintenance and quality control of the products.

The goal of The Chocolate Factory is to stimulate all the senses and create an environment where education and entertainment seamlessly blend.

The Chocolate Factory is located in the agri-food capital of the Netherlands. The venue is part of the Cultuur Haven Veghel (CHV), a former animal feed factory that has been transformed into a vibrant hub for food, art and leisure. Visitors will enjoy the contrast between the industrial heritage and the cutting-edge interactive and audiovisual technology that will immerse them in the world of chocolate.

Lagotronics Projects is involved as a partner in the realization of TCF, both in terms of hardware and technical design (engineering), software and game development. Within TCF there are various missions, for which innovative interactive and audiovisual systems are utilized. Lagotronics Projects will realize, among other things, the Operator Room, a VR drone operator game and video mapping projections on silos. For the VR drone operator experience, custom-made “drone scooters” are being designed and produced. The scooters are illuminated by ceiling decorations with LED lighting. Visitors will also be surprised by a wind effect during this mission.

In the Operator Room, visitors will interact with 12 player consoles that feature levers, touchscreens, light effects and sound effects to monitor the production process. Lagotronics will also provide the show control, installation and programming on site for the attractions.

The Chocolate Factory is expected to officially open to the public by the end of 2024.

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